Half Life 3: Fan-Fueled Rumors Still Doing the Rounds, Gabe Newell Taken Aback by the Amount of Interest Among the Gamers!, More Details!

The Half-Life franchise of video games is a series of first-person shooting games developed by Valve Corporation which falls under the science-fiction category. This series of video games is one of the most successful gaming franchises developed by the company with over 20 million copies being sold till date.

The Half Life games require players to perform a series of tasks that involve combat and solving puzzles, at the same time. Performing these tasks successfully allows players to advance through the levels of the game.

Half-Life 3 is one of the most awaited games since the release of its predecessor, Half-Life 2. Half Life 2 was released back in 2004 and since then fans of the franchise are eagerly waiting for another addition to the popular series.

It was reported that some over-enthusiastic fans have been able to locate a certain document file in the most recent update of Dota 2.

This file reportedly comes with a title of hl3.txt and is said to have contained certain elements and references to things like zip lines in it which were identified by fans as parts of the Half-Life franchise.

Moreover, the title of the file hl3.txt also led fans into thinking that it was actually the initials for “Half Life 3” and started speculating that the game was under development and will hit the market soon.

Valve Co-founder Gabe Newell recently stated that he was actually taken aback by the amount of interest that he saw among gamers for Half-Life 3. However, much to the disappointment of the fans, he announced that the game won’t be released anytime soon as it is far from being into development.

Newell stated that the company is currently focused on the development of the Steam Platform and this is resulting in a delay in the development process of Half-Life 3.

It could be assumed that the company is currently employing all its resources on the Steam OS and the Steam Machine. Newell further stated that the company would take the development of Half-Life 3 into consideration only when it will be able to employ all its manpower into the game simultaneously.

He also pointed out how the multiplayer system has worked towards revolutionizing online gaming in a big way.

This statement from Newell could be an indication that the game will actually be developed and released sometimes in the future and that it will come with a multiplayer mode for gamers along with the traditional single player campaign.

Earlier, at the EGX, Chet Faliszek, who is one of the main writers for Valve Corporation was asked about Half-Life 3 whether Half-Life 3 would be released as a virtual reality game. Chet answered the question with a simple “No”. He was asked the same question once again a little later and his answer was again just “No”.

This got fans into speculating whether he was just answering the question or whether he was shooting down any rumors regarding the game.

It was previously reported that Valve had begun the development process of Half Life 3 but decided to stop it due to certain problems.

A popular magazine claimed that Half-Life 3 has been planned out by Valve and it is currently being developed by a team of just 10 persons.

According to other rumors, Valve Corporation is at present concentrating on the development of other titles like the Portal 3 and the Left 4 Dead 3 and thus any development regarding Half Life 3 looks to be a bleak prospect at the moment. It is being rumored that Left 4 Dead will hit the market by 2017.

According to a popular website, screenshots showing Valve’s internal bug tracking system were leaked and this fuelled the rumors regarding Left 4 Dead 3.

It is being speculated that Valve’s new Source Engine 2 is being used to develop this game. This new Engine was previously quite successfully used in another popular game by the company, Dota 2.