Selena Gomez Not Impressed with Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’, Justin Talked about His Everlasting Love for Her, And More!

Recently, Justin Bieber sat down and started explaining why people should be more forgiving towards child stars, after his nude photo scandal and an awkward encounter with his Norwegian fans.

He explained why people should be nicer to young celebrities and he also talked about his everlasting love for ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Recently, the 21-year-old singer told Billboard that he would never recommend anyone to be a child star. According to him, it is the toughest thing in the world. The ‘Sorry’ singer decided to make 2015 his year retribution.

He decided to start seeking forgiveness for his many childish antics and decided to issue to a stretch of personal apologies due to behavior that was totally uncalled for. He further took part in talk show appearances and endured a heavy verbal beating on Comedy Central’s The Roast.

According to Bieber, he is aware of how his time under spotlight changed his character and how stardom starts to affect young people. He decided to talk about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez and how he can’t make himself listen to her new Revival album.

He admitted that he knows he had a lot of play in that and he is not aware of what she’s saying about him. He further said, “When you love someone that much, even if something comes between you, it’s a love that never really dies.”

Recently, Selena Gomez was dressed in a drab trench coat on Thursday while arriving at her hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Her long simple blue and white striped dress was covered up under the big jacket. She further had a pair of simple black flats and a designer bag which obviously ended up matching her coat.

The long dark hair of the 23-yeard old singer was down and she was further accessorized with sunglasses. During a recent interview with Australian Radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, the former Disney Channel star shot down any hopes for a chance of reconciliation with Justin Bieber.

However, Selena admitted that she is yet to find love after splitting up with former 21-year old Canadian beau. She told the radio hosts that the tour has been taking up her entire life but she is single and still enjoying it.

She further joked with the radio hosts and wanted them to find her an Australian. Kyle Sandilands decided to comply and declared that as soon as she gets here, he will take her for a drive around Bondi Beach and all she has to do is point and he’ll get them in the car.

Selena Gomez is quite busy as she was set to perform in the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Meanwhile, talking about Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez admitted to Access Hollywood that it was really tough and she doesn’t know whether she is over it yet.

Justin and Selena started dating from 2010 and they broke and made up a number of times and there were even rumors that Selena was pregnant. However, then ended up parting ways for good earlier this year.

Selena also underwent chemotherapy following a secret battle with Lupus, during the time of their on and off romance. Selena Gomez decided to keep her condition private after she canceled the Australian leg of her 2013 tour in order to seek treatment.

During this week, there was a lot of excitement and a lot of our favorite female celebrities were dressed to impress. Everyone looked fabulous this weekend, no matter whether it was a premiere, a gala or a birthday party.