GTA 6 Could Feature a Story Set in Liberty City, Philadelphia Sounds like An Amazing Location As Well!

In the meantime, people are wondering how Rockstar will improve on GTA 5 and have it available in GTA 6. The game is expected to release by 2018 at the very earliest.

In order to further develop the events started in GTA 5, Rockstar could release some mini-series updates in order to keep things refreshing. You can expect to see new features, characters and ample amount of challenges.

Till now, there haven’t been a lot of female characters in GTA, maybe because the level of violence isn’t actually welcoming for female characters.

However, things could change in GTA 6 and the game might even feature a playable female protagonist. You can rest assured that it will be brand new city, like Chicago for instance. Moreover, Ryan Gosling has already been linked to the upcoming game so you can guess how epic it’s going to be.

For now, let’s just wait for Rockstar to announce literally anything involving GTA 6 in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo.

What do you expect from the GTA franchise in the future? Are there any special features you would love to see in GTA 6? Let us know all about it in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 6!