GTA 6 Could Feature a Story Set in Liberty City, Philadelphia Sounds like An Amazing Location As Well!

Fans are waiting for anything important to be announced by Rockstar in the upcoming 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo. There have been some rumors regarding Liberty City, floating around in the internet.

There have been conflicting reports regarding what Liberty City actually is to the whole GTA franchise. Fans are very eager to know about the truth behind these rumors. According to some reports, the location in GTA 6 will comprise of all the other maps in previous GTA titles. This was predicted by Leslie Benzies, former Rockstar boss, some time ago. According to others however, GTA 6: Liberty City is definitely happening.

However, there is yet another side to this story. It is possible that a Liberty City DLC might release for GTA 6. Rockstar has remained shut regarding any of these rumors and the company will not comment on it, anytime soon.

They will definitely make any special announcements and they will presumably take place in the upcoming E3 expo. It will be held from 14th to 16th June at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The big boss of Rockstar, Leslie Benzies, ultimately decided to leave the company after being responsible for the success of the complete GTA franchise.

Meanwhile, at, they have a weekly article series named GTA 6 City of the Week. Every week, they evaluate a different city in the United States and figure out how well it would do in a GTA setting. It is highly unlikely that Rockstar will reveal any information regarding GTA6, in this year’s E3 expo.

Preparing have been preparing for this convention but most reveals and presentations have already run its course and a few of them were leaked pretty early. The Watch Dogs 2 trailer was revealed few hours before the original trailer.

There is plenty of information available, regarding a GTA 5 DLC but sadly, there is no information on what Rockstar will be showing in the upcoming convention but when has it stopped gamers and fanboys from speculating?

Based on a leaked screenshot, it seems like Rockstar might reveal Red Dead Redemption 3. Meanwhile, in the present, things are pretty busy. Earlier this week, the greatest GTA Online DLC till now, Adventures in Finance and Felony launched. There were a number of new features added by this update but the launch came with its own share of bumps and issues. Right now, the eyes of the community is on E3.

Philadelphia is located in Pennsylvania which is further on the west coast of USA. It is more than a city and seems like a city-county hybrid. This city is actually the fifth largest in USA and the complete metropolitan area holds around 7 million people.

Across the world, it is lovingly known as Philly. In the entire US of A, this is the only World Heritage City and hosts a lot of country firsts. It has the first medical school, the first US zoo, library, stock exchange, business schooland hospital. Following the Revolutionary War, Philadelphia was in fact, the first capitol of United States of America.

With the close proximity to Atlantic City, we could enjoy two different cities instead of one, if Philly is chosen in GTA 6. There will be a lot of varieties within these two cities. Also, the space between them could serve as non-outdoor or non-urban sections of the map.

Philadelphia might not have violent crime waves rampaging around the city but it has seen enough to initiate a start in GTA. In 2014, the city witnessed 16000 counts of violent crimes and 248 murders occurred in the same year.