Rumours Regarding the Apple Watch 2’s Release Date, Price and Speculations Surface!

If the word on the street is to be given any credit, Apple might initiate a release of its new smartwatch, Apple Watch 2, sometime on a date as early as next week.

Apple Inc.’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) is arranged to take place next week on the 13th of June 2016. Therefore, fans and their theories, gossips, about Apple’s next generation gizmos have started to see the steady light of day.

One such gadget that makes the imminent list of speculative releases is the Apple Watch 2. In 2014, the release of the original Apple watch was announced by Apple CEO, Tim Cook in the month of September. The product, however, was made available in the market six months later, in April 2015.

Previously, the tech giant had raised consumer’s suspicions by making the apple watch available to the public at discounts. Marking down of prices is a usual pointer, hinting towards a new release. This made Apple fans wary of the coming of the company’s generation next timepiece, the Apple Watch 2.

There seems to be some conflict regarding the design of the above-said wearable. Apple’s analyst Brain White, of Drexel Hamilton, believes that the next timepiece will possibly be 20 per cent to 40 per cent thinner.

On the other hand, there seems to be a contradicting statement from Ming Chi-Kuo, who has been nefariously accurate in the past, who stresses that there won’t be any renovation in the design department.

Ming Chi-Kuo states that the watch shall adopt the same upgrade cycle as that of the iPhone. He believes that the Apple Watch 2 will come boasting brand new features underneath, while showing exceedingly minor changes in design from its elder device.

He feels that the S models shall be plainly updated with hardware, made available by the company every alternative year to its major tie-ups.

Amongst some of the hardware, it is rumoured to be updated with an efficient processor chip that enables speedy Wi-Fi. This will facilitate more data transfer and help give meticulous location services.

A larger battery can be included, thanks to the thinning of the display. The users will be able to choose a 3G or a 4G network this time, around with Apple Watch 2.

It is expected that since Apple had launched its customized operating system WatchOS 2, for the previous watch in September 2015. It shouldn’t be a shock for consumers if Apple comes up with WatchOS3 at the World Wide Developer Conference this year.

Apple too was seen encouraging developers in its blog, in April, to produce software especially meant for watches and not making them iPhone reliant.

Macworld suggested recently that the new Apple watch might include an ARM Cortex A32 processor. On the other hand, Gizmodo concluded that the WWDC is far from an ideal platform for the Cupertino-based tech giant to announce the release of its product. Pointing that the doubts about the unveiling not happening is in actuality possible.

There is a possibility that this new wearable timepiece might get a FaceTime camera added to it, which will allow users to have conversations on their wristwatch instead of having to resort to their iPhones every time they get a call on-the-go. The camera will be fixed onto the top bezel.

The price may turn out to be a let-down, with the Apple Watch Steel being priced at £949. While the cheapest flagship model of Apple Watches starts from £8,000. The company intends to target customers who are attracted by quality premium wearable watches, while consumers are discouraged by the four figure asking price.