Apple iPhone 7 Lineup Remains Engulfed in Rumors, New 3D Renders Surface Online, Might Come with A Dual-Camera Setup!

The iPhone 7 is going to be the next iteration of iPhone that will be rolled out by Apple. The anticipation for this upcoming device has been building up for quite some time. A number of leaks and renders of the iPhone 7 have also started appearing on the internet.

Apparently, some cases which are being dubbed as cases for the upcoming iPhone 7 are currently available for pre-order. If indeed these cases are actually of the iPhone 7, then it can be assumed by looking at them that the iPhone 7 will be having a similar form factor as that of the iPhone 6. It will share reminiscence with the iPhone 6 when it comes to outward appearance.

However, it appears that the iPhone 7 will be built with a larger camera module compared to the one found in the iPhone 6. As for the Plus version of the iPhone 7, a dual-camera module is on the cards.

The dual-camera setup will enable the user to easily capture photos of large groups of people. It will also be beneficial while capturing views of landscapes or any architectures. The dual-camera setup will also be improving the exposure, depth and focus of the camera module.

A 3-pin Smart Connector port might be built into the iPhone 7 Plus. This device will reportedly allow users to transfer data and charge up the device at the same time. it is unlikely that the iPhone 7 will be built with this feature and it will be exclusive to the Plus model only. This port can also be used to attach live accessories to the device.

The antenna bands have been a standout feature for iPhone models. However, the latest renders show that they have been trimmed down. In the previous iPhones, it has been seen that the antenna bands appear on the back side of the devices. However, the renders floating around show the antenna lines on the top and bottom edge of the device.

Martin Hajek is the one who has created the 3D renders for the iPhone 7 and its other variants. He is also the one to come up with the models of protective cases for the devices.

The iPhone 7 will most likely have a screen which will have the size of 4.7-inches. As for the Plus model, it is likely that it will be sporting a bigger 5.5-inchs screen. Along with the renders, Hajek has come up with a different name for the iPhone 7 model. Instead of calling it iPhone 7, he has been calling the device- iPhone 7 Pro.

A persistent rumor regarding the iPhone 7 that has been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time states that the device will be built without the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack that is found in all smartphones. Hajek himself added more fuel to this rumor when he created the 3D renders of the iPhone 7 without a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It is being rumored that an extra external speaker will be built into the bottom edge of the device by Apple. That being said, no such speaker can be seen in the 3D renders of Hajek. The renders built by him show the devices having a single speaker.

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 is scheduled to kick off on June 13 and rumors have it that Apple might be seen unveiling the iPhone 7 at the said event. Some experts are of the opinion that the iPhone 7 Pro might come with the support for the Apple Pencil. In that case, users will be able to use the stylus to perform various tasks on the device.