Mech Land Assault DLC for Just Cause 3 Released for Season Pass Holders, Currently Available for Purchase!

Just Cause 3 is an open-world action-adventure game that has been developed by Avalanche Studios. It has been published by Square Enix for the platforms of PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The announcement for the game was made in November 2014, however, the game hit the market one year later in November 2015.

The game just received a brand new expansion pack which has been titled- Mech Land Assault. A brand new island will be incorporated into the game via the new expansion pack.

The new expansion pack is currently available for only those who are in possession of the Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass. Those who do not own the Season Pass can now purchase and download the DLC online.

The Mech Land Assault DLC is the second expansion pack that the game has received. The first one was titled- Sky Fortress. The Sky Fortress DLC packed a lot of aerial action. An additional 3-4 hours of gameplay was added to the game via the Sky Fortress expansion pack.

An army of drones was incorporated into the game through the update and Rico was tasked with taking the fight to them in the sky and defeating them. Players had to make use of the fully armed Bavarium Wingsuit in order to engage in fights with the drones.

The expansion pack was released in the month of March and it came with a price tag of $11.99. Along with the new Wingsuit, a brand new Bavarium Splitter’ Assault Rifle was also brought by the update. Also included in the expansion pack a personal defense drone for Rico.

Coming back to the second expansion pack, that is Mech Land Assault, it is a ground-based DLC. The island of Lacrima will be the center of focus in this expansion pack. The island is inhabited by powerful mechs who guard it viciously. Rico will have to up against these mechs and defeat them in their own game.

Apparently, an abandoned base of Eden research and a prison camp is located on this Lacrima Island. The prison camp is run by someone called the Black Hand who is a shadowy character, to say the least.

The mechs guarding the island will be wielding shields and normal weapons will be ineffective against them. The Power Core Bavarium gun will have to be used by Rico in order to disable the shields of the mechs.

After Rico manages to gain entry in one of the mechs, he will be able to use the Grip Gravity Guns and the powerful cannons of the suit to blast through the hordes of enemies. The Mech Land Assault expansion pack is the second piece of downloadable content that is a part of the Just Cause 3 Air, Land & Sea expansion.

It has been confirmed that the developers will release one more DLC for the game within the ongoing year. The last expansion pack that the game will receive in 2016 will be titled- Bavarium Seas Heist.

The release date for this particular expansion pack is not known yet. However, some rumors suggest that it might be rolled out by the end of summer of 2016.

Coming back to the matter of the Mech Land Assault, it has been reported that players will have the capability to jump and smash helicopters right from the sky. They will also be able to destroy tanks using the Force Pulse Attack of the GRIP.