Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Jo Keeps a Secret from Alex, April Fights Hard to Save Her Marriage, Bailey’s First Day at the Hospital, And More!

Jessica Capshaw, according to Realty Today is going to get back to portraying an Arizona that is more like her old self. She is going to become cheerful and bubbly like she used to be previously in Grey’s Anatomy.

Arizona had had a tough run, with her separation and the issue regarding her fellowship. However, she has gotten a grip on herself and is taking things in the stride.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 has seen Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) return to where she belongs, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and she has finally got the dream job of Chief of Surgery that she always wanted and fans knew that she was cut out for.

However, the first day that she wanted to be perfect, was exactly the opposite and the dream job that Bailey always wanted became her nightmare.

Miranda was so confounded on the first day that she messed everything up. She ended up missing her congratulatory party, gave an immense amount of work to Meredith and demanded that her physicians work for four hours and treat a patient with a tumor in the pituitary gland.

Bailey yelled and screamed at everyone until Richard (James Pickens) talks to her and calms her down. Bailey finally takes charge and things automatically falls into place.

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