Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Jo Keeps a Secret from Alex, April Fights Hard to Save Her Marriage, Bailey’s First Day at the Hospital, And More!

Things in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 have really picked up! It looks like things are about to change for Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers). The two seem to be keeping a secret and viewers are going to be surprised when it is finally revealed.

International Business Times has reported that when Jo tells Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) that she is keeping something from her boyfriend Alex, it maybe that she is pregnant and is trying to wait for the right time to tell Alex that.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 has already seen Jo and Alex breach the topic of kids. While Jo is very keen on having her own kids, Alex doesn’t seem to sure about it and his response did leave Jo disappointed. Now if Jo is pregnant then it might be that she isn’t sure about how to go about it and is hence buying time before informing Alex about the good news.

Jo and Alex have a great run in the show. Luddington while talking in interviews had revealed how surprising she finds that, given that in the history of Grey’s Anatomy, no couple has ever had such a good run. Ludington at also hinted that her character and Justin Chamber’s Alex is going to have to take some tough decisions in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 and this looks to be the pregnancy issue.

There were rumors that Alex is going to ask Jo to marry him and fans feel that Alex is going to change his perspective on babies when he finds out that Jo is pregnant with his child and is going to do the right thing by asking her hand.

Shonda Rhimes being the creator and given her track record, fans have learnt not to place too much hope into anything. In such a situation, fans have also looked at the possibility that Jo might also turn out to be infertile and she wanted to know what Alex’s take on kids her, so that she can decide on whether or not he will be disappointed with her news.

On the other hand, Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 started with April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) struggling with their marriage. The couple had a horrifying last season, where they saw their newborn baby die. The incident left them devastated and made their marriage reach rock bottom.

After the new baby dies, April is shocked and decides to put her life into perspective and do things she has never had the courage to do before. She decides to enrol into the army and that is when Jackson confronts her and says that he is not supportive of this decision. When April is still adamant to go ahead, he says that he is not going to wait for her.

The new promo for Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 shows that in the upcoming episodes, April is going to go all out to make her marriage work, but it looks like Jackson isn’t interested and doesn’t want to make things better between him and April.

With reports that Jessica Capshaw has renewed her contract for Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, there were rumors that Capshaw’s character, Arizona and Callie, played by Sarah Ramirez are going to be back together as a couple.

However, Inquisitr has reported that the two have mended their relationship, but they aren’t dating again. They have decided to remain friends and have moved on. Arizona is also expected to have a new relationship in the current season.