The Young and the Restless: Rumors about Carrigan and Hartley, Turn Of Event After Revelation, And More

There are a lot of interesting scoops and news that are doing the rounds about The Young and the Restless. The spoilers are out and the fans are all excited about what’s in store next.

The latest news that comes from the show is that Sean Carrigan, who plays the role of Dr. Ben Rayburn on the show is going to leave. The reason for his exit is that he is not very sure about the plot that has been laid out for his character in The Young and the Restless.

Sean Carrigan’s contract with CBS ends at the end of the next month and there are chances that his contract will not be renewed. Sean Carrigan had renewed his contract for last year when his character Ben Rayburn, or Stitch as he is popularly called on the show, had a paternity issue related to Victoria’s newborn baby.

However, when The Young and the Restless returned, the plot revealed that Stitch had no role to play in the whole incident since the father of the child was Billy Abbot played by Burgess Jenkins. This changed the dynamic for Carrigan’s role and Stitch was no longer important for the plot progression in The Young and the Restless.

Viewers who are regular with The Young and the Restless noticed this marked change when it comes to plot relevance for Sean Carrigan’s role and there were rumors that his character will be killed in November during the Newman Ball.

This shocking revelation was brought to the front by Chuck Pratt Jr. Christian Post reported that according to Chuck Pratt Jr. there is going to be a huge explosion during the Newman Gala where four people are going to die and one of them is going to be an important character in The Young and the Restless.

With reports that Sean Carrigan is set to leave the show and that he is not going to renew his contract with CBS has scarred fan into believing that there might be some iota of truth in what Chuck Pratt Jr. has shared.

Sean Carrigan’s Stitch has a huge fan following and all of them are hopeful that the creators assure him that he will play an important role in the plot in the coming episodes and that stops him from leaving the show. The more practical fans hope that if Stitch dies, he might die saving a Newman and will be a hero in his death.

The Young and the Restless showed the fans that both Phyllis and Chelsea have decided to disclose that Gabriel Bingham is actually Adam Newman and this has created a huge tremor in Genoa City.

Sage is going to have a big day in the upcoming episode since the baby is about to arrive and when the trailers showed that Sage collapses with Adam in the park, they are left hanging wanting to know what happens next.

The spoilers have been revealed show that Victor has managed to track the hacker who helped Ian with the Paragon Project that made him get to the Newman Enterprises. The virus is creating havoc, but the hacker discloses that there is no stopping now.

The last season of The Young and the Restless saw that Adam was taken in by the police and in the upcoming episodes, the fans will see him looking for a lawyer to help him out with the trouble that he has gotten into. In spite of becoming the most evil man in Genoa City, there is someone in it, who is still willing to help him out in his trouble.