The Young and the Restless: Rumors about Carrigan and Hartley, Turn Of Event After Revelation, And More

The person who steps up to help Adam out in the court is Michael. The Young and the Restless teaser show Michael saying a yes when asked by Adam if he will represent him in the court of law. However, even with Michael there to help him out, things are not going to get any easy for Adam. Christine and Paul are deciding on whether they will reveal the videotaped confession that Adam had made and if this is brought out, could lead to far greater problems for him.

With the news of Sean Carrigan leaving The Young and the Restless, there seems to be another report that Justin Hartley is also going to leave the show. Justin Hartley is set to make a transition to primetime T.V and he is likely to stop playing the role of MacGyver.

Ever since CBS planned to reboot the show, the fans have believed that Justin Hartley was cut perfectly for the role of MacGyver and no one else can do justice to the role like he does.

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