Bones Season 11: Booth Missing, Betty White to Star in the Upcoming Episodes, David Boreanaz Hints At Quitting!

There is a rumor that might break the heart of millions of Bones’ fans. David Boreanaz, who plays the role of Seeley Booth in the popular Fox series Bones, is likely to leave the show.

Boreanaz has informed E! Online that he feels that Bones Season 11 is a great scope to end the popular and long running series and added that it might be time for him to take leave from the show.

Boreanaz said that for a series to make an impact and tell a story, one season is good enough and Bones has had a successful run in Fox for 11 seasons now. He said that the other actors and the whole team of creators have done a great thing with the show. He feels that he has given all he can for the show and would love for it to now come to an end.

Fans of Bones are skeptical about his comments, since David Boreanaz had scared the fans after wrapping up a season of Bones in 2012. He had tweeted saying that the season is complete and it’s a wrap from him, implying that he will not be returning for the next season, but he ultimately did.

Apart from hinting at quitting the show, David Boreanaz has also informed International Business Times that Bones Season 11 is going to bring in a lot of fun. Boreanaz also said that Bones Season 11 is going to be a lot similar to the first episode of Bones Season 1.The creators are giving the fans something like a fantasy football and there is going to be an episode with Betty White.

White is going to play the role of Dr. Beth Mayer, a forensic anthropologist. She will be involved in the investigation of Justin Ross, the real estate agent after his remains are devoured by coyotes and wolves. Brennan calls for the help of an expert in forensic anthropologist and that is where White comes in.

Bones Season 11 started with a bang. The first episode starts with Booth missing, which ultimately was resolved by Jeffersonian, who found out that Booth was actually helping out his brother. The episode shows that Seeley Booth is badly injured from a stomach wound and fans are left wondering what’s happening

Season 11 of Bones is going to focus on the search for Booth. SpoilerTV has reported that Agent Grace Miller (Kim Raver) hasn’t been completely truthful and this comes as a shock to the team in Jeffersonian.

Grace Miller has been keeping to herself a lot of important information that would have been very useful for the FBI to track down Booth.

With Miller keeping information about Booth to herself and not aiding in the on-going investigation to look for Booth, will place the agent in tough position with Brennan (Emily Deschanel). Brennan and Miller has already been in opposing position when it comes to Booth’s investigation.