Bones Season 11: Booth Missing, Betty White to Star in the Upcoming Episodes, David Boreanaz Hints At Quitting!

Bones Season 11 is going to see an FBI digital forensic psychologist joining the Jeffersonian team Dr. Benjamin Metzger (Josh Casaubon) is going to team up with Angela and help decode all the information about Booth’s whereabouts. Fans are hopeful that the team is going to come with some useful clue that will help them pinpoint Booth’s location.

Design and Trend has reported that Episode of Bones Season 11 is going to bring trouble for Arastoo and Cam. Arastoo will be taking some important decision about his and Cam’s life and profession and it is likely to backfire and make things very difficult.

Before Bones Season 11 started, fans were a little worried about how Jared’s death in the last season would affect Booth. David Boreanaz has informed Entertainment Weekly that fans needn’t worried since Booth will not be very badly affected with his death. Yes, the event has been a huge shock for him, but it will not bring about a change in him.

Booth could never really help his brother while he was alive and he will realize that he isn’t able to help him even after he is death. There was also the possibility that Brennan and Booth’s marriage might be jeopardized because Booth went ahead to help his brother, without letting her know. TV Line has reported that Brennan and Booth have a spectacular understanding and they will work it out.

Bones Season 11 will see Booth return to FBI where he will be in a rank below Aubrey. Booth will have to go through all the tests and evaluations in order to get back his previous post. This is going to be an exciting watch, since Booth is not going to be liking this situation very much.

CarterMatt has revealed that there will be a Sleepy Hollow crossover in the coming episodes.

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