All You Need to Know about Finding Carter Season 2, but Be Warned, We Have Spoilers Ahead!

Reports indicate that Finding Carter Season 2 will premiere on 6th October and there is a big question which is asking whether there’s any hope for Max and Carter. Recently spoke exclusively to the EP of this show and it was teased that Max and Carter will probably end up being together in the end.

In season 2, Finding Carter has definitely raised the stakes and Max and Carter’s relationship had always been a fan favorite of this show. As a result, many fans want them to be the endgame.

Meanwhile, Executive producer, Emily Whitesell talked to exclusively about such a possibility and there is a pretty good chance that Max and Taylor will probably end up together which everything is said and done.

Emily further told this to, “Sometimes in the writer room we say, ultimately, it’s Max and Carter…But meanwhile, he’s deeply in love with Taylor. He and Carter have a very deep friendship that is huge this season. But we go through the ups and downs of that.”

Keep in mind that whenever Carter is in a problem, Max is always there to retrieve a solution and this should also be the case in season 2 again. She further continued that in the end of the season Max and Carter will again be together and will get really close.

According to her, the relationship and the depth of its foundation will start exposing itself again. Whenever she gets into trouble, he will always be at her side, ready to help her out. Meanwhile Max is going to help her figure out the fact that Jared will end up being a little shadier than she thought.

Meanwhile, Crash and Max won’t be the only people in Carter’s Life this season. Jackson Rathbone has joined the cast as Jared and from the looks of it, things are about to get pretty steamy with Carter. “He’s older, sexy, and he has great advice… It’ll be steamy — you don’t have Jackson Rathbone and not get steamy.”

In the mid-season premiere which was titled Native Son, fans of the TV series will finally get to meet Carter’s long-lost secret half-brother Ben. During an interview with MTV, Ben Mitchell, who plays Ben, declared that Ben has had a bit of a trouble in the past.

He was quoted saying, “He’s been in and out of foster homes his whole life and we start to see maybe some people from his past coming back into his life which gets a little tricky.”

During a trailer released for Finding Carter Season 2, it was revealed that Ben lives with Lori. In the meantime, Carter warns him that he has no idea of he’s getting into, while staying under the same roof as Lori. While she told Ben that he doesn’t know her, Ben replied that she, Carter, doesn’t know him as well.

Moreover, it seems like Carter will do his best in order to change that. However, Crash will try warning her not to do that. This is because Ben is into something that she doesn’t know about and is probably better off not knowing about it in the first place.