Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Offers Great Functionality, Boasts of a Better OS Than the iPad Pro!

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is finally official. Microsoft has broken its annual release cycle and decided to wait a full and final 16 months before releasing the next update in the Surface Pro franchise. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is being touted to be faster and more efficient than an iPad and a MacBook.

The Surface Pro 4 is a worthy successor to the Pro 3. People who love Surface Pro will be immediately excited about taking a look at this upgrade from Microsoft. In terms of display size and screen, the Surface Pro 3 had 12 inch screen, 4:3 aspect ratio and a native resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels.

Compared to that, the Surface Pro 4 has a display size of 12.3 inches, 3:2 aspect ratios and a native resolution of 2764×1824 pixels. Therefore, from the looks of it, the Surface Pro 4 has got bigger than before. However, it packs a bigger screen into a smaller device and according to the Redmondian Giant, the contrast, brightness and touch screen response have all been improved to a great extent.

The touchscreen response has improved, thanks to PixelSense technology. It has the ability to measure how much light has been blocked by an object touching the screen in order to determine whether it is actually a finger or a stylus input. As a result, for the input method, the touchscreen response gets greatly improved.

The Surface Pen also matches perfectly with the touchscreen response. There are 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity in the device along with a new eraser top. According to Microsoft, it has a pen which erases while Apple possesses a pencil which doesn’t.

The device comes bundled with Surface Pro 4 and costs around 60 dollars to any person who wishes to add this to their Surface Pro. Microsoft has further introduced a new Type Cover which comes with wider key spacing and further includes a 40% larger glass trackpad and also key backlighting.

It features a price tag of $129 and includes a fingerprint sensor. This allows instant user logins using Windows Hello. The range-topping module features a price tag of $159. The Type Cover looks great and matches perfectly but at the same time it remains an optional extra.

Furthermore, these Back Covers are backwards compatible with Surface Pro 3 which technically means that they are not a differential. On the contrary, this remains a great thing to add for present Surface Pro 3 owners.

In case of hardware, we all remember how the Surface Pro 3 was majorly criticized. This is because Microsoft was trying to hold back on a really great performing device.

They were trying to restrict some really top end performance options. In case of the Surface Pro 4, all of it changes in a big way. At the moment, users can upgrade their devices up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. What more do you need? Unlike the fused RAM in the Surface Pro 3, this new RAM is actually expandable in nature.