Grazer Announces Arrested Development Season 5, No Release Dates Yet, And More

Arrested Development’s treatment of jokes has been a little different. They are based on inside jokes and are very unique. This kind of comedy makes it difficult for a viewer to understand the humour when they are watching the show from the middle, while a viewer who watches the show regularly will be getting all the jokes and will bent over with laughter.

Critics have claimed that this kind of jokes have caused the show to have a low TRP. The show doesn’t attract new viewers. Fans have, however, quipped in saying that the inside jokes don’t need to be changed to make the show successful.

Fans feel that the creative team should focus on using the charm of the show that got viewers to start watching it in the first place to get in new viewers. Inside jokes are a great part of the show and it should be such that while they regular viewers grasp the context immediately, the new viewers can also see the humour in it and enjoy.

Fans of Arrested Development are just happy that the show has been renewed for the fifth season. There has been no official news about when the new season will premiere and how it will shape. Fans know that it’s going to be worth the wait.

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