Grazer Announces Arrested Development Season 5, No Release Dates Yet, And More

Arrested Development is going to be back for Season 5. Everyone was sure that the show would be gone after the completion of the fourth season, but by the looks of it, the show is going to be back. It looks like the Bluth family drama will continue in Netflix for another season.

Executive Producer Brian Grazer informed the news of another 17 episode season 5 while in an interview with Bill Simons for B.S Report podcast. There are no official news about how Season 5 will shape up, however, it’s a great news for the fans of the series who had braced up to say bid their favorite show a goodbye at the end of Season 4.

There has been news about the show being cancelled since after season 3 but it has been renewed ever since. Arrested Development doesn’t enjoy a huge fan following, but the few fans it does have are very loyal to the television series and they are surely excited to hear that the show is going to be back for Season 5.

Arrested Development was first aired on Fox TV in 2003. The show has won the Primetime Emmys and the Golden Globe for the “funniest shows of all time.” However, the third season was aired in 2006 saw a fall in TRP. Netflix decided to support the show for another season, which was aired in 2013.

In spite of low TRP the creators believe that this time round, they might be able to change things for the better. Arrested Development Season 4 took a new turn when it came to the writing and production.

The season was well received by the viewers, but those who have been watching the series since the first season felt that something was amiss. Fans are hopeful that Arrested Development Season 5 will go back to the treatment followed in the first three seasons.