Critics and Fans Excited About Alien 5, Sigourney Weaver Teases a Role Reprisal in the Upcoming Movie, And More

Alien 5 will supposedly do a lot for the franchise, mainly the bringing the franchise back to its roots and exploring the styles and themes that made the initial films so successful in the first case. Most have been excited and positive regarding this upcoming movie but at the same time, there has been some skepticism as well. Keeping in mind how the franchise turned out after the second movie, none can blame fans and critics for approaching this movie in a careful manner.

There are some things that could go wildly wrong with Alien 5 if the producers are not careful about it. The last thing they need is another disappointing in Alien movie. Apparently, people don’t wish to see the return of too-powerful high-tech themes like in the earlier movies, where humans were equipped with potentially killing machines against the Xenomorph. It removed a major portion of the thrill from its experience.

Meanwhile, fans are wondering whether Sigourney Weaver will reprise her role. Although some fans wish to see that, the general trend indicates that this is a bad idea. The primary reason behind this is the fact that a lot of time has passed since his last role in one of the Alien movies. The movie industry is marred by a tendency of reprised roles being played with lesser enthusiasm and success every time.

Fans and critics also have a differing opinion regarding the amount of violence to be showcased in this movie. Since it’s a horror movie, blood and gore is to be expected. In the earlier movies, this aspect was pushed to the limits, which was considered unoriginal by most fans of this franchise. Most of the fans considered it to be a desperate attempt on the part of the developers, trying to generate more hype through cheap controversies.