Downton Abbey Season 6: Expect A Tearful Farewell, Contracts End For Lead Actors!

Downton Abbey Season 6 has started filming it’s going to be quite a tear jerker. Actor Hugh Bonneville, who plays the role of the Crawley patriarch Earl of Grantham, revealed that the fans should be ready for tears in Downton Abbey Season 6.

Bonneville said that while the cast was prepared for Season 5 to be the last, shooting for Season 6 feels like a bonus. He says that the ending feels right for the story and it’s very sad. The crew is filming the last few episodes currently and once that is done he expects a lot of tears on set.

Downton Abbey started five seasons ago and depicted the life of an English aristocratic family and those who serve them in 1912.

When Bonneville was asked about rumours of a possible spin-off and a film version of Downton Abbey, he dismissed the news with a joke saying that they should have a spin-off based in the 1970s where Lord Grantham can wear flares and kipper ties.

It was Downton Abbey executive producer Gareth Neame who had suggested that after the end of Downton Abbey Season 6, given the immense popularity of the show, the creative team might look into ideas for a spin-off.

Gareth Neame and series creator Jullian Fellows were both in favour of a movie version of Downton Abbey. They were in talks about taking it up after the show ended. While they said that the movie idea was an interesting one, ad that the show would start of in 1925 in the sixth season, the creators were not forthcoming about any other details about the upcoming season.

Possible Downton Abbey Season 6 rumours reveal that this season might see the Crawley family heading to America. This idea was put forward to Neame in his interview with Deadline and he loved it. He said that he could already imagine the Crawley family in America with a few episodes based in Boston or New York.

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