GoPro Cameras Can Now Be Controlled with Apple Watch, GoPro Hero 4 Receives Price-Cuts to Make Way for Upcoming GoPro Hero 5!

The app will also feature a simplified user interface and through it, users will be able to perform these simple tasks in an easy manner. Users can view only Hi-lighted or edited clips using the filtering options.

Earlier, the organization allowed a wearable remote or a third party application in order to perform actions that are available on the camera.

The latest abilities will appeal to users and bring further convenience for them. A design update was introduced for GoPro’s main application for IOS and Android platform. It is now possible to capture images from videos with the help of the new September update for IOS.

The high-resolution still-frames can be downloaded as an image by flipping through the video, frame-by-frame. Videos can be trimmed -30, -15, or -05 seconds in length with the new smart editing feature. According to the latest reports, everything can be easily viewed with IOS, a feature that was only restricted to Apple iPhones till now.

This will further include all the videos that have been shot or rendered at 60 frames per second. Keep in mind that this feature doesn’t include 4K videos since even iPhone 6S doesn’t support the ultra HD format for videos.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. When GoPro launches in early 2016, it will sport 8K video recording capabilities.

Stay tuned for more updates on GoPro Hero 5!