Tekken 7: Akuma to Show Up in Game, Rumors about PS4 and Xbox One Versions Surface, Likely to Release on the PC in the Future!

Tekken 7 is an action fighting game which was developed and released by Bandai Namco earlier this year.  The game is still in its beta stage and the final version of it has not yet been released by the developers.

It had seen two releases; initially Tekken 7 was released in Japan on 18th February, 2015 which had a limited arcade. Another unfinished version of the game had seen the lights of the day on 18th, March 2015. The game is the ninth installment in the Tekken franchise and the first one to make use of the Unreal Engine.

Fans of Tekken 7 are in for a treat as the latest news state that Akuma of Street Fighter fame is set to be incorporated into the game as a playable character through the Fated Retribution update.

The Fated Retribution update is still in its developmental stages and a trailer has been released for the same which showcased various aspects of the update. It was in this trailer where it was revealed that Akuma will come as an additional playable character to Tekken 7 through the update.

Akuma is the villainous man-turn demon antagonist of another popular fighting games franchise by the name Street Fighter. This won’t be the first instance when Akuma has showed up in a Tekken game. He has already made an appearance in a previous game of the series which was called Tekken X Street Fighter.

The trailer shows off some of his vintage moves from Street Fighter and it is being assumed that Akuma will be a part of the upcoming Iron Fist Tournament later this year. The first looks of Akuma as a part of Tekken has been able to impress both fans and critics. Major improvements in the game’s visual departments were also noticed in the trailer.

The developers are apparently going for a different character history with Akumafor Tekken. In the Street Fighter series, Akuma is portrayed as malicious and powerful fighter with the constant urge to go up against the best fighters from all over the world.

However, in Tekken he will come forth as a henchman of Late Kazumi Mishima with the mission to hunt down her husband and son to and kill them.

It is expected that Akuma won’t be the lone character to be introduced to the game through the update and thus fans are speculating that other characters that will accompany Akuma in the update will be gradually revealed by Bandai Namco in the remaining time left before the update finally releases.

Rumors are also stating that along with the introduction of new playable characters to the game, the update will also work towards improving the overall graphics of the game and fixing bugs and errors. New costumes for certain members of the roster will also reportedly show up with the expansion pack.

In other news concerning the game, Katsuhiro Harada, the director of Tekken recently stated that there will be no announcements from the company regarding the possible release date of the game for current-gen consoles of PS4 and Xbox One.

Harada was asked by a fan on Twitter whether the company will come forward with any news about the release date of the game for PlayStaion 4 at the PSX. Harada replied to the question by stating that as far as he knew, the company is not planning to do something like that at the PSX.

The fact that the game will actually be released for PS4 and Xbox One in the near future has already been confirmed at the Paris Games Week back in October. It was also stated that the console versions of the game will come with the PlayStation VR support.