GoPro Cameras Can Now Be Controlled with Apple Watch, GoPro Hero 4 Receives Price-Cuts to Make Way for Upcoming GoPro Hero 5!

It was earlier expected that GoPro Hero 5 would be released in October but that didn’t happen. A lot of people are currently predicting this device to be released next year and it should come with tons of new features like 3D Pictures, 3D videos and much more.

Christian Post reported that GoPro Hero 5 was earlier expected to originally release in October but the release was delayed since GoPro started working on various tweaks, developments and improvements on the device.

The latest reports suggest that it won’t be released by Christmas and a 2016 release date still remains unannounced.

The upcoming GoPro Hero 5 should come with a lot of new features which have been predicted online, and this includes taking 3D pictures and recording 3D videos.

The ability to record 3D video is quite common for movies but it is still quite rare when it comes to consumers around the world. With the latest feature, GoPro Hero 5 gets a great advantage with the newly added features.

Furthermore, the latest speculations also suggest that the Hero 5 will feature an ultra HD 8K resolution, which compared to the Hero 4, should be twice as clear as the 4K HD resolution. The developers are probably taking their time to make sure that 8K videos can be recorded perfectly at 60 frames per second.

According to Latinos Post, GoPro Hero 5 should also include an enhanced waterproof capability. With this new feature, the device will be able to withstand a water depth of 60 meters, which is pretty impressive to say the least.

Compared to its celebrated predecessor, the GoPro Hero 4, the upcoming device should be 50% smaller as well as 40% lighter, making it more compact and portable.

According to Bidness Etc, the upcoming GoPro Hero 5 should be priced between 400 to 500 dollars. Furthermore, with the latest improved features and the monopolistic position enjoyed by GoPro, the price could be set higher.

Although it sounds costly, the features of this device should definitely place it at the top of the game, in terms of video recording capabilities. With waterproofing and higher resolution added, the device will cater to more consumers than ever before.

With GoPro Hero 5 being pushed back to a release in early 2016, people have already started speculating on what this device can offer. The device should include several improvements for the upcoming action-camera.

The rumors were introduced with reports of price cuts being offered on the GoPro Hero 4 devices. In late September, GoPro Hero 4 received a discount of $100, thereby reducing its overall price to $300.

This is mainly because the buyers didn’t really prefer the Hero 4 Sessions, comparing its price to that of the Hero 4 Silver, with the latter having more features as well.

However, the device has received another price cut, thereby lowering it further to $200. Through its compact-housing, the upcoming device will come with more features, upgrades and specifications which promise to fit head-gears and other pockets very smoothly inside the body. No official details have been revealed by GoPro but it is expected to debut in early 2016.

In an exciting turn of events, GoPro owners will now be able to control their camera using the Apple Watch. Several features have been added by the camera maker which includes camera previews, start and end recording, toggle between modes of capture for Apple Watch and much more, through the latest update.