Half-Life 3: Still Remain Engulfed in Mystery, Unlikely to Come with VR Support, Valve’s VR Headset Coming Soon!

The rumor mill has been busy regarding Hal-Life 3 for quiet sometime now and the latest claims hint towards a possible confirmation of the game to be released in future. The SteamDB has reportedly got hold of a list which it claims features the names of games that might possibly show up on Steam sometime in the future.

The likes of PS4 hits like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Final Fantasy X/X-2 are on that list. The list also reportedly features the words Half Life 3 which has sparked speculations among gamers that this could be a possible confirmation that the game might be made available in the near future.

However, it was pointed out by SteamDB that inclusion of Half Life 3 on the list just as a mere file name doesn’t provide confirmation that it is referring to the game itself.

Though the information makes its appearance from Valve itself, it should be kept in mind that various apps and packages can be created by third-party Steam developers and the names for those apps or packages can be freely determined by the developers themselves.

Moreover, the name spotted in the list is spelt as “Half Life 3”, while the actual spelling for the name of the game should be Half-Life 3. The hyphen that is missing from the name in the list could be another indication that it is just another name used by the third-party Steam developers for a package and not any reference to the actual game itself.

It is not the first instance in which rumors have sparked regarding the game by a small piece of accidentally found evidence. Previously, it was reported by some enthusiastic gamers that they have been able to locate a text file by the name of hl3.txt in the latest update of another popular game Dota 2.

It was claimed that this file contained certain elements which were references to various aspects of the Half-Life franchise. The name of the file hl3.txt led fans into believing that it was the initials for Half-Life3.

This sent rumors flying that Valve was actually developing the game and it will not be long before it finally sees the light of the day. However, the whole thing failed to materialize into something concrete and just like most other rumors; it gradually faded away into nothing.

It was previously reported that there is a possibility that the game might show up in the future along with the support for Virtual reality or VR. A recent report from a popular website however begs to differ with this claim. According tothe site, Half-Life 3 will not come with a support for VR.

Ken Birdwell, a Valve executive stated that Half-Life 3 will work towards highlighting the power of Steam’s own headset. He added that the developers are currently carrying out a lot of experiments and trying to find a proper way to make use of it. Apparently they are trying to figure out how to make it a part of a narrative.

According to Birdwell, incorporation of VR into Half-Life 3 is not a very good idea as he believes that players will get tired in less than five minutes playing the game in VR. He further added that this did not mean that they are getting rid of the idea completely; instead a new way to approach the whole thing is what they truly have in mind.

Thus it can be safely assumed that if Half-Life 3 finally makes an appearance, it will come sans the VR support. It should however be noted by fans, that there is a possibility that the company decides to use the VR headsets in some sort of an unnumbered spin-off