Half-Life 3: Still Remain Engulfed in Mystery, Unlikely to Come with VR Support, Valve’s VR Headset Coming Soon!

It was previously announced by Valve that they are working in collaboration with HTC and the SteamVR along with the Steam Machines will be revealed at Game Developers Conference 2015.

It was confirmed that HTC Vive is the upcoming VR headset that Valve has created working alongside HTC. The headset is likely to be made available to consumers sometime during the next year.

Valve has already started showing off the potential of Virtual Reality using its stable IP.  At the Game Developers Conference 2015 which was held in March 2015, the company revealed Portal-based experience which was set in the Aperture Science Labs.

The company made use of HTC Vive’s Room Scale user-tracking and position-tracked controllers to create the whole thing. A demo version of Dota 2 VR has also been released by the company since then.

As of yet, there has been no specific announcements from any official sources regarding Half-Life 3 and thus fans are advised to take these doses of rumors with a pinch of salt till any concrete news about the game makes its way to the forefront. It has been confirmed that the game is not a part of the VR headset project of Valve.

Stay tuned for more update on Half-Life 3.