Google Nexus 7 2016 Likely to Arrive with Android N, Could Be Developed by Huawei, A Look at Some of the Rumored Specs!

Rumors regarding the next iteration of tablet from the house of Google are circulating around the internet for some time now. Various reports suggest that the Google Nexus 7 2016 might be rolled out after the launch of Android N.

A developer preview for Android N was rolled out by Google some time back, however, it will be some time before the final version of the OS is released. It is being rumored that the Google Nexus 7 will be running on this latest Android OS and thus Google is abstaining from releasing the device at the current moment.

The Google I/O developer conference was held in the month of May and it was during this event that Google came forward with some updates regarding Android N. It was announced that the operating system is in its developmental stages. It was also revealed that Google will soon be beta testing Android N.

It will see the light during the third quarter of the ongoing year. It means that Google might roll out the OS sometime between the oncoming month and September. It is highly likely that Android N will release in the month of September.

Reports also state that Google will be keeping tabs on how users react to the new OS after it is rolled out. Users will be encouraged to share their feedbacks through various online forums. These feedbacks will be of utmost importance for the fate of the Nexus 7 as it was reported that Google will decide whether or not to pre-install Android N in the device depending on the feedbacks.

There is some confusion regarding the name of the upcoming OS. Majority of rumors point towards the name Android Nutella. Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior Vice President at Google and also the man in charge of Android recently shared an image on his Tweeter handle which has all but confirmed that Android 7.0 will be named Android Nutella. The image he shared showed him searching for the word “Nutella” on Google.

The Demo Mode in the OS showed that it carried a version number of 7.0. This has led people into speculation that Android N will have the version number of 7.0.

Coming back to the Nexus 7, the device will sport a 7-inch screen. The screen will reportedly have a Quad-HD display resolution.

Under its hood, the device will reportedly pack a Snapdragon 820 processor from the house of Qualcomm. It will be coupled with 4GB of RAM which will make sure that the device is efficient in multitasking. Various reports state that a NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor might be used to build the device.

A microSD card will also be present on the Nexus 7 and users will be able to expand the storage space of the device up to 2Tb using an external microSD card in the slot. The device will be powered with a 300mAh battery.

Some reports state the device might arrive with unlimited Google Photo Backup. Apparently, by using this feature, users will be able to store their photos online. This will ensure that the high-quality photos do not take up much storage space in the device.

A number of variants based on the internal storage space of the device will be released. The entry level model will likely have an inbuilt memory of 32GB, while the next one will pack 64GB of inbuilt storage space. The high-end model will likely arrive with 128GB of storage space.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google recently stated that the company is dedicated towards incorporating more features on top of Android on the device. “He stated- There’s a lot of software innovation to be had.”