Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Updates and Rumors, To Come with an OLED Display Bar, Likely to Roll Out During the Last Quarter of 2016!

The Worldwide Developer Conference was just recently held by Apple and it was previously rumored that the Cupertino-based company might unveil the MacBook Pro 2016 at this very event. However, as can be seen that Apple remained from doing so.

As for the device, rumors state that it will get a major overhaul in its appearance and also in its technical aspects. Apple might reportedly discontinue their MacBook Air series so that the company can shift its entire attention to the MacBook Pro lineup. If indeed that happens, the MacBook Pro will become the frontline laptop of the company.

A number of software upgrades were announced by Apple at the recently concluded WWDC and it is likely that some of the upgrades will find its way into the new MacBook Pro. One of them is the auto lock feature.

Apparently, this will enable MacBook Pro users who are in possession of the Apple Watch to easily unlock the device without having to type in the password every time. It is highly likely that this new feature will be incorporated into the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016.

The device will come with a slimmer body compared to its predecessors. It will be lighter too making it more portable in nature. It will be built with a Thunderbolt 3 port and also a USB Type-C port. The USB Type-C port will allow users to pair other devices with the Mac Pro that comes with the support for this particular port.

It is being rumored that the device will pack a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor will also ensure that users don’t need to type in the password each time to unlock the device. It will also provide added security for the personal data and information of the user.

The device will most likely come with an OLED Touch bar. This rumor has been sparked off by some leaked images which are supposed to of the upcoming device. The images show that the OLED bar will be placed above the keyboard of the device.

The bar will replace the function keys and it will be comprising of a set of commands that can be customized by the user. The traditional function keys have a fixed set of commands. However, the functions on the OLED bar can be customized by the user as per his own choice.

For example, if a user is doing some photo editing on the device, he can choose to make the OLED bars display only those functions which are relevant to photo editing. It will be more conventional than the function bar.

It was reported that a MacBook user has already created a concept design for the OLED bar. The user, by the name of Łukasz Majer stated that he had made a video and it had been sent to Apple back in 2014. He has made another video regarding the OLED bar and in it he has named his idea- iKeys.

It can be seen in the video how the customizable bar displays task related commands which makes the job easier. It was seen that users will be able to track their downloads, playback music, easily access subsets of tools in Photoshop, Microsoft Word and other software.

The concept looks quite cool and it is highly likely that the inclusion of an OLED bar in the MacBook Pro 2016 will be well received by the buyers.

Some other renowned companies like Lenovo and Razer have already started including the idea in their laptops. In that context, it is likely that Apple too will be doing the same with the MacBook Pro 2016, so that the device does not lag behind in terms of technical aspects.