Goku Might Die In Dragon Ball Super Episode 46, Fight between Goku and Copy-Vegeta Could Destroy Planet Potaufeu!

Speculations suggest that fake Vegeta is already at 100% while he was battling against Gotenks 3. Potaufeu’s last survivor, Potage, said that anything swallowed by the Superhuman Water, will last three to five minutes before disappearing completely. If the fake Vegeta is as strong as the real Vegeta, Son Goku will need a much longer time to defeat him.

In the preview, you can also see Trunks, Goten and the other being chased by Superhuman Water. It is possible that they could be absorbed and copies might be created. If this happens, Goku will have a really tough time fighting so many opponents and there’s a further possibility that he could be absorbed as well.

Nevertheless, Episode 46 will be one of the most exciting episodes of Dragon Ball Super. The ultimate battle might result in the entire planet being destroyed. The episode will also provide some hints regarding the characters to be featured in the new arc.

We already know that few of the Z fighters are already located on Potaufeu. It features a new evil race that wants to own secret water that can make any character stronger. Moreover, the boss of this alien race has the ability to clone fighters.

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