Capcom Has Planned a Full-Scale Offensive with the Resident Evil Franchise, Resident Evil 7 Is Expected To Release Soon!

The Resident Evil franchise has blessed us with zombies and survival-horror action for a long time. Currently, fans are waiting for the release of much-anticipated Resident Evil 7 game. Gamer are expecting that this game will be announced during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Capcom, the developer behind the successful Resident Evil franchise, has already thought about the games they wish to release by the end of this fiscal year.  According to them, one of these games is the complete remake of Resident Evil 2.

According to the latest reports, this particular remake has been delayed and there are rumors suggesting that the company is more focused on Resident Evil 7. Fans are wondering which of these two titles will be released first. Other reports suggest that Capcom is also working on the remake of Resident Evil 5 and at the same time, the company isn’t just working on Resident Evil titles.

Reports indicate that the developer is also working on other titles called Monster Hunter while further reports suggest that they are working on the Dead Rising and Devil May Cry franchise as well.

It has been revealed that Jordan Amaro from Kojima Productions has been hired so that he starts working on the design of Resident Evil 7. Masachika Kawata, the producer of Resident Evil Revelations, has decided to pay homage to this franchise, by going back to its roots. E3 2016 will debut on 14th to 16th June.

Last month, a trusted industry advisor revealed that Resident Evil will indeed feature a much familiar path. Dr. Serkan Toro decided to reveal more details on Twitter, declaring that the game will indeed go back to its hardcore survival-horror roots and at the same time, it would also be treated as a clean slate.

The original Resident Evil franchise slowly started to evolve from its horror genre and feature a more fast-paced action gameplay setting. Resident Evil 4 can be seen as a rather high-mark when considering this aspect but Resident Evil 6 did not make the critics happy at all.

The publisher is trying to introducing Remastered versions of its back catalogue. Meanwhile, the return to horror sounds more possible due to the advance of Umbrella Corps. The new shooter will be launched by the end of this year and Capcom will be freed to stress on a more customary setting for Resident Evil 7.

Toto confirmed on Twitter that Resident Evil 7 is indeed under development. The entire game will be a clean slate and at the same time, embrace its survival-horror roots. Now, the concept of clean slate points towards a reboot but it is difficult to consider the fact that Capcom will return to its original setting.

People are wondering whether Resident Evil 7 will actually release this year. The Resident Evil franchise is enjoying its 20th anniversary and fans are expecting that Capcom will celebrate this in a major way.

The company has also planned to release a multiplayer spin-off called Umbrella Corps by this summer. They are also planning to release some of the older Resident Evil games on the present-generation consoles.

However, comments made by Capcom to its investors reveal that the company has a major surprise in store for fans, with the upcoming Resident Evil 7. The game was rumored for years but there were no official announcements.

The dismal critical reception of Resident Evil 6 has probably forced Capcom to think about something more revolutionary with Resident Evil 7. The game could be unveiled pretty soon, at least that’s what the latest reports suggest. Capcom has planned a full-scale offensive for this year’s second-half.