Deeks and Kensi Are Not Ready for Parenthood, The Future of the Densi Storyline in NCIS Los Angeles Season 8!


If Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah from NCIS: Los Angeles, were asked 2 years ago whether Kensi and Deeks would ever get together, they would have unequivocally replied, No. The actors are currently preparing for Season 8 and it is impossible for them to think about a setting where Densi doesn’t exist.

Marty Deeks of LAPD and Special Agent Kensi Blye of NCIS teamed up together back in season 1 and soon, some sexual tension started to develop. Everyone was terrified in television that if they are put together, it could all fall apart, as explained by Olsen during the MCM Comic Con in London.

Season 6 LA

According to Evan Ruah, this pairing was actually doomed to fail right from the beginning. When the scripts started releasing, the star soon realized that Densi will become more than just a small romantic speed-bump. The characters eventually got together during the Christmas Episode of Season 6. It was finally made official during this episode.

A few days before Ruah did the interview, it was like a will-they/ won’t-they situation once they are put together. Ruah explained that questions were raised regarding where they could go from there. However, there are plenty of places to go since now; there are emotions and feelings involved. They will also keep facing potential obstacles.

In the last installment, the couple decided to declare an official status for their relationship and finally live together. At first, it was awkward, mainly for Deeks. This is because he couldn’t stand being present in Kensi’s cluttered bathroom.

He also started showering in the office and Kensi went livid when she learned about it. Kensi was forced to consider additional prospects after their new living situation. It dealt will getting married and deciding to have a baby. Kensi even started contemplating books related to motherhood.


Deeks saw it and it freaked him out, thinking Kensi was pregnant. If a little Deeks is all set to arrive soon, this would be the perfect time since Ruah is pregnant with her second child at the moment. Therefore, the showrunners can simply introduce her pregnancy in the NCIS: LA storyline.

Scott Gemmill, the Executive Producer told TV Guide that they don’t have any plans regarding that. On the contrary, they are getting geared up for the major moment Deeks finally proposes to Kensi. According to him, this couple is not at all ready for parenthood. They might decide to give up their work as well.

They need to have an honest-to-God conversation, probably more than one time. As time keeps progressing and situations keep changing, it will give rise to another development in the future. The conversation will return once they are finally engaged. It is a tricky situation since none of them wish to give up their career.

It is certainly not possible to have two individuals in life-or-death situations on an everyday basis. During the MCM Comic Con in London, Ruah shared that she doesn’t think Densi romance was going anywhere.

She expected it to be a short fling until she read the Christmas Episode script. After Kensi and Deeks got together, she finally realized that they were in it for the long haul.

Season 7

Meanwhile, Season 7 of NCIS: LA came to an end with a highly exhilarating finale episode. The recent operation had some emotions involved. Sam Hanna’s son Aiden was taken hostage in his military school, located in San Francisco. It later turned out that the perpetrator was Tahir Khaled, who earlier disappeared during the 17th episode.