Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition Is Cheaper And Performs Differently, Lots of Bugs and Issues Were Fixed By the Latest Patch!

A Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition was announced by Ubisoft for PC gamers. This is a $15 Steam/Uplay game which comes with various weapons, mods, maps along with features taken from the standard edition.

The gameplay doesn’t have any time limit but it will be available till 19th June. The major difference between the regular version and the starter version are the operators. In case of the Starter Edition, players receive instant access to a couple of characters that are randomly selected from the pool, including Ash, Fuze, Sledge, Rook, Mute and Smoke.

There are 600R6 Credits included in the Starter version and they can be spent for other operators by using 300 R6 Credits for each. You can spend these credits on other in-game content from Siege. In the Starter Edition, you can purchase additional operators after earning, 12.500 renown through gameplay.

Now, this figure is significantly higher than 500-2200 renown needed to unlock new characters in the Standard Edition of Rainbow Six Siege. You can check out the Ubisoft Blog Post and FAQ for more information on Rainbow Six Siege.

In other news involving Siege, the latest patch for this game has already arrived on PC and consoles. It brings new balance tweaks, better bug fixes and improved performance. After PC, the patch was released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Players can look forward to shield charms when it comes to new features. In one of the balance changes, you can disable auto-reload in Blackbeard’s primary weapon when the shield is already equipped. The patch also fixes some bug issues for instance, after placing breach charges on the trap doors or floors, players weren’t able to pick them up.

This issue has been fixed with the latest patch update. Players who went down will not get stuck when they are trying to climb a ladder, provided that they are not out. Update 3.2’s full-patch notes have been published in the Ubisoft forums. Universal charms can be used on operators who use shields.

This is also applicable to universal charms which have already been purchased. Meanwhile, Blackbeard can himself decided when he wishes to reload, similar to other shield-wielding operators. After placing a gadget, a shield-wielding operator’s pistol would automatically reload which necessarily meant that he would be immediately out of cover.  This glaring issue has been fixed.

The character model positioning has been fixed. There are various locations on the map where characters cannot clip inside the wall or shoot enemies during rappelling. Bullet tracers will not be sourced from the first-person model instead of the third-person model, thereby making it more accurate.

Some of the issues that were fixed by the latest patch update are:-

  • When slowly moving the RS button in a direction, some players experienced controller stuttering.
  • Some players didn’t spawn when Round 1 starts and they got an out world view.
  • When picking up deployable gadgets from the other side of a window, players did a 180 degree turn.
  • The Cluster charge punctured a hole in the Reinforced Barricades of the Castle.
  • The LMG crosshair didn’t align correctly when used in support mode.
  • During the UN-equip transition, the deployable shield hitbox was present.
  • A player could see player icons floating around during death replay.
  • When a defuser is dropped down, players were prevented from deploying Breach charges.
  • When opening the Party Panel in the Portal, player’s headset icon was missing.

Various other fixes were introduced for Valkyrie and Blackbeard.  When Blackbeard attempted to equip a destroyed Rifle-Shield, no warning message was displayed. The MK17 CQB continued to cycle empty rounds in full-auto mode even with the Gun Shield equipped.