Sims 4 Introduces Gender Diversity with Loads of New Customizations, Dine Out DLC Expansion Will Be Released On 7th June!

A new free update was released by Electronic Arts and Maxis for the world=famous Sims 4 simulation life video game. It promises to break the already-established gender boundaries inside the game. In a post on its website, the developer noted that the latest update would expand the ‘Create a Sim’ mode by introducing several new gender customization options.

By breaking the gender boundaries, players would have customization options which would not be gender-specific. It would be open for both genders in the game. Players will be able to try out any kind of physique, hair, jewelry, clothing, voice, and gait along with other visual customization options.

The developer further noted that the new update has unlocked 700 pieces of new content for the gamers that were previously only available to either of the genders. In its official post, the company said that The Sims is made up by a team of diverse members, for a diverse audience. According to the company, it is vital that players are able to create and express through their games.

The developers wish that players should be able to identify with or relate with the help of powerful tools which give them influence over a certain gender, body, ethnicity and much more.

The Sims 4 players can now cross dress the female Sims with various male gender hairstyles and much more. The company declared in a statement that female Sims will now be able to wear sharp male suits, not unlike Ellen and at the same time, male Sims can wear heels like Prince.

At the same time, EA did not comment anything about why those animations, clothing and various other visual customization options were previously limited to a particular gender only. At the same time, they did not answer any previously raised fan-complaints and questions.

Reports suggest that the 3D models in previous games had characters and assets which were built in such a way that it required additional gender-swap rebuilds of various things like outfits. We are not sure whether the cross-gender customizations took so long due to all these technical reasons.

However, the reasons were not political since Maxis has a history of supporting gay relationships and gay marriage in Sims. When it launched in Russia back in 2014, the game’s latest entry faced an adults-only rating. EA has a long rich history of offering sexuality and gender choices for the heroes in its other games as well.

Meanwhile, GameNGuide reported that Maxis and EA are still having a lot of trouble coming up with a Sims 4 version, designed for consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Therefore, fans of the Sims franchise should not be surprised if The Sims 4 doesn’t release on PS4 and Xbox One in the future.

According to the latest speculations, a possible Sims 5 could be released in the future. Meanwhile, EA has reported that the next update for Sims will include a restaurant theme. A teaser video showcased the dining atmosphere along with a waiter. A NeuroGadget report indicates that the Dine Out pack will feature Romantic Garden Stuff and Movie Hangout Stuff. They have all been released previously.

It is expected that this Bundle pack will be released on 26th May but official announcements are yet to be declared. A lot of gamers enjoyed the initial report regarding the popular life simulation game.