A Review of Bloodline Season 2, Kyle Chandler Says John Could Go Over the Edge!

At the end of Bloodline Season 1, when Danny was killed by his younger brother John Rayburn, the entire thing looked like an accident.

It seemed like the fight between the siblings on the beach, just went out of hand. In order to cover up his role in Danny‘s death, John gained access to hacked security camera footage by the end of season 2 of Bloodline.

He broke into a car and kidnapped and almost killed a person. It is quite a far cry from his Friday Night Lights’ Emmy Award Winning role. This is exactly what Chandler said he wanted while signing on to Bloodline.

He wanted something that was different and edgier. On screen, he finally came closer to the edge. He talked about what it’s like when he plays John’s character and how it motivates his action in the second season.

Chandler said that he never knows what the script is going to bring him. He doesn’t ask any questions till the end. However, it has been enjoyable as well as challenging at the same time.

John’s pathology is quite intricate and it allows him to do what he wants to do while keeping it under control. Chandler likes playing out those little intricate alterations involving him.

Meanwhile, in order to give us the resounding ‘black sheep’ performance, there are several characters who work in place of Danny. This made the first four episodes rather chewy.

It also took a bit of time for viewers to invest in Season 1 and likewise, Season 2 needs some warming up as well. In the first four episodes, we get to see a rather close-ended story.

Moreover, this is the first of John Rayburn’s panic arcs. It all looks good but at this time, Evangeline and Nolan go totally overboard with the whole button-pushing thing. It can also be a bit annoying to watch Nolan as TV-teen swoopy-haired bad boy.

Over the course of the season, these two characters tend to smooth out, especially because the show starts telling you about the details of their lives.

It creates sympathy and at the same time, it makes you start rooting against the Rayburns. Initially, they have a noble intention but later, it changes into difficulty and manic nastiness.

Do you remember John saying in season 1 that they are not bad people but they did a bad thing? Season 2 kind of tries to delete the first part of that sentence.

The siblings end up becoming the worst type of people with all their disreputable Season 2 scrambling from going below. There are several moments in Season 2 when one of the siblings just decides to give up and simply surrender to fate.

They are tired of the soul-damning cover-ups and the lies. As a viewer, you too, heave a sigh of relief. When Bloodline starts juggling too many characters, it tends to become frustrating but at the same time, it is awesome at creating an atmosphere of slow tension.

Similar to last year, the Florida Keys become a primary part of the suspense. The location includes everything from uncultivated jungle-adjacent vibes. At the same time, Kyle Chandler’s hair features a savage nest of nervousness.

In Netflix’s Bloodline, the family drama runs too deep and it affects the relationship between the cast members of the show. Rayburn family’s dysfunction continues during the recently released Bloodline season.