Release Date and Specification Details of the GoPro Hero 5 Revealed, Ambarella to Witness a Sales Drop Due to the Two-Year Launch Gap!

Ever since the present generation GoPro camera came out in July 2015, people have been eagerly waiting for the release of GoPro Hero 5. The latest reports suggest that the new action camera will be coming out sometime in October 2016.

The company has decided to remain quiet about it but according to fans, the highly anticipated Hero 5 will be coming later this year. The stocks for GoPro have already been reported to be gone since 2015.

GoPro Karma Drone’s delayed release resulted in more trouble for the company. When the company failed to roll out the much hyped Drone this year, a lot of fans were disappointed. However, according to reports of an upgraded and more-developed Hero 5, fans are hopeful about the company releasing the device this year.

The report further suggests that GoPro Hero 5 will have a Snapdragon 800 processor and the A10 processor. The new variant will have the ability to record 8k videos. It seems like GoPro is raising the bar for the competition and make sure rivals feel their presence in the market.

Further speculations suggest that the new Hero 5 will get a much more powerful battery at 2800mAh. With this feature, users will be able to handle this device for a longer time.

Further rumors suggest that the device will come with a dual camera setup along with underwater focus. If all these rumors are true, fans will definitely love the new, improved and upgraded GoPro Hero 5.

According to Game N Guide, the upcoming GoPro Hero 5 will have a price tag of $450-$550 once it releases. Fans are quite excited for it to come out. However, the company is yet to provide any significant details on this upcoming device.

In the meantime, Ambarella, the GoPro chipmaker is expected to provide its first year-over-year sales decline report on GoPro’s 2-year gap between launches of the latest GoPro Hero action cameras.

According to Brad Erickson, Pacific Crest analyst, the delay in front of GoPro is getting too long, day by day. Hero 4 was launched in September 2014 but the company has held off on releasing its successor until this year.

Right now, retailers are offering major discounts on GoPro Hero 4 as GoPro likely phases it out. As GoPro’s demand in the US reduced month after month, the inventory increased from 20 to 26 days, as reported by Erickson.

Investors expected a flat fiscal report of 2017 for Ambarella. The July quarter featured a 21% sequential climb which further offsets a 20% fiscal Q1 decline.

The fiscal Q1 ended around 30th April and Ambarella is expected to report 57.01 million dollars in sales with a 28 cents minus in each share, which is down a 20% and 61% vs the year-earlier quarter. In terms of sales, Ambarella has guided to $55 million to $57 million.

Erickson wrote that this guidance doesn’t necessarily reflect a lot of GoPro impact. In order to meet the Street’s expectation of a sequential growth of over 20%, Hero 5 builds need to begin by the latter portion of the July quarter.

Ambarella should be able to weather the action-camera downfall with its exposure to automotive segments and wearable cameras, drones, and consumer IP security.

Till now, considering all the reports, rumors, and speculations, the following is what we can expect from GoPro Hero 5. First of all, it will be easier to use and a lot more efficient than previous action camera releases. Engadget was told by Woodman that the GoPros in the future will be quite simple and come in fewer parts.