A Review of Bloodline Season 2, Kyle Chandler Says John Could Go Over the Edge!

This becomes the case with Sally and her three kids, Kevin, Meg, and John. Cardellini and Spacek recently spoke up regarding how things became difficult with the dramatic family tension. It also made things quite difficult for them along with their fellow actors. Spacek said that Season 2 was more difficult for him.

Chandler somehow turns John into a sponge but it still makes you root for him in spite of the less noble intentions. Unless it is intended, you never wonder what he is really up to and the Season 1 tagline seems more appropriate now.

Even though he did a bad thing, in reality, is he a bad person? It is not possible to tell anymore since every day; people are trying to figure out whether he has gone beyond limits. There is a reassessment which every new development regarding where that limit ends.

Season 2 of Bloodline features great acting along with an assortment of extremely suspenseful moments. At the same time, it is about one thing all throughout the way, John, Kevin, and Meg struggling to stay afloat and not get entangled in their web of lies.

In case the show is not offering something else, it can really wear down on you. Thankfully, it doesn’t. You may have a preference about how things should end but in reality, every person wishes to be surprised.

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