Deeks and Kensi Are Not Ready for Parenthood, The Future of the Densi Storyline in NCIS Los Angeles Season 8!

He surfaced later while targeting Aiden through an extremist terrorist cell that was led by him. The episode featured a lot of hair-raising moments with Tahir and Hanna ending up in a face-off situation. After finding Aiden, Hanna was quite close to killing Tahir. Instead, he made him drop his knife and turned him over to the authorities.

Meanwhile, Scott Gemmill added his own thoughts on Kensi and Deeks’ engagement. He revealed that talks involving the two characters having kids would finally crop up and it is quite a major concern in the show at the moment. As already mentioned, neither of them wishes to give up their career, which could further give rise to some tricky situations.

There was a scene where Deeks attempted to escape Kensi’s cluttered bathroom. Sadly, the plan backfired and Kensi soon found out that her boyfriend was showering at work. As a result, their high-adrenaline workday was interrupted with some light funny banter.

It was a delightful conversation to have on the show with the characters saving the world every day while dealing with the problems of living together. Olsen laughed and said that it felt real and it further struck a great balance that couldn’t be played before as the characters weren’t together.

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