Goku Might Die In Dragon Ball Super Episode 46, Fight between Goku and Copy-Vegeta Could Destroy Planet Potaufeu!

Fans are longing for more after Dragon Ball Super ended on a major cliffhanger with Goku gearing up to fight Vegeta’s imposter. According to the episode 46 spoilers for Dragon Ball Super, the Vegeta imposter could get Goku killed. In the upcoming episode 46, Goku will be fighting against this character.

In case you didn’t know, Goku travelled to Planet Potaufeu in order to save Trunks and Goten. Trunks and Gotu got trapped inside Monaka’s luggage carrier after attending a party at Bulma’s pad. Trunks and Goten got trapped inside Monaka’s spaceship after getting tired of playing. They immediately fell asleep.

Monaka was about to leave and did not notice Trunks and Goten were inside his vehicle. He soon proceeded to go home. Vegeta decided to follow Monaka in order to save Goten. According to the latest spoilers, the upcoming episode will showcase a fight between fake-Vegeta and Goku.

In the Planet Potaufeu, superhuman water tried to absorb the original Vegeta. The Episode 46 teaser trailer showed Trunks and Goten cheering for Goku. In the trailer, it was seen that Vegeta was not at all willing to cooperate with Goku. In the teaser, Goku can be seen blocking Fake-Vegeta’s kicks.

There is a major chance that Vegeta could be completely absorbed by this imposter and several fans have already predicted that Goku might die in the upcoming episode. Time is short and the real Vegeta can disappear in a matter of 2-4 minutes.

In order to save the real Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super Episode 46, Goku needs to defeat the imposter. The episode will air on 5th June, Sunday on Fuji TV. Meanwhile, there are certain things that you can expect from the upcoming Episode 46.

The Trunk story arc approaches but we have one more filler episode to watch in Dragon Ball Super. This will deal with the end of Vegeta, Goku, Trunk and Gotem’s battle against Grill. The latter has the ability to make copies of people with mysterious purple ooze. You can expect the fight to heat up between Goku and Copy-Vegeta.

The fight was actually getting started when Episode 45 ended so we should prepare to see it escalate quite fast. As the fight lasts longer, Vegeta life force still start fading away. In order to pull him out of all his tricks, Goku needs to end the fight as fast as possible.

If the fight lasts too long, Vegeta could die. Well, can you think of a way in which Goku can end this fight quick and clean? Well yes, he needs to use his most powerful transformation.

It is also possible that Copy-Vegeta doesn’t know how to the form. As a result, Goku could take him by surprise. In an interesting turn of events, you can actually see the real Vegeta floating up in order to help Goku battle the Copy-Vegeta.

Is it possible for the Saiyan Prince to do anything with his life-force fading so fast?  He probably can’t do much but his motivational speeches ought to help out.

The Future Trunks arc is all set to start next week. This means that Goku’s fight with Copy Vegeta needs to end by this week. It is not clear as to how he will manage to do it.

Goku was surprised when he came to know that fake Vegeta will be as powerful as the real one. In the last episode, it was seen that fake Vegeta easily managed to defeat Gotenks 3. He easily took them down without evolving into a higher transformation like Super Saiyan.