Rumors and Speculations on Gotham Season 3, Bane Likely to Be Introduced as the New Villain!

The second of Fox’s death ended on a surprising note since a bus full of Huge Strange’s abominations were let go in the city of Gotham. This included the first look along with the first double take at a Bruce Wayne doppelganger.

John Stephens, the Executive Producer of Gotham, further shared how this arrival will indicate the launch of Season 3 of Gotham. Stephens shared that this is a development that has been kept in line with the other stories told in Gotham Season 2. However, the makers managed to keep one important piece hidden.

It could be silly to acknowledge the fact that the 2-year-old Bruce Wayne has a terrible nickname but in reality, it wouldn’t have been so surprising if it was comparable to a random stab at the shock value. It is clearly known that the existence of this new character is closely linked to Gotham’s existence.

It has been rumored that the young billionaire’s story will continue to move in all the right directions as he gradually develops his Dark Knight persona.

Gotham will make use of Season 3 in order to continue in its path of a well-established mythos. It has been assumed that Stephen’s reference to Bruce’s quest involves revenge for his parents’ death and not Jim’s issues or Strange’s strategies with the GCPD.

After the finale aired, it was speculated that the other Bruce could be a clone who was made from Bruce’s DNA. It is also possible that he could be Bruce’s own brother who was taken away from him, during childbirth.

There is a major slice of untapped story lying within the past of Thomas Wayne with Hugo Strange. In that story arc, a lot of things could have happened to the bodily fluids of the Wayne family, in the name of crazy science.

People are wondering whether Bruce’s parents already knew about him or it. When Season 3 goes live, we’ll get answers to a lot of important questions. Stephens had another teaser which was quite vague and showed how a monster bus can end up affecting the show in general. According to him, Gotham’s nature will change.

After resurrected corpses of villains damage the entire city, it will be quite impossible to return to a normal way of life in Gotham. Sadly, Gotham’s normal way of life is villains causing a lot of chaos.

Is it possible that the entry of new villains will be like just another day in the city of Gotham? Things could change if Bane or possibly Joker is introduced in Season 3. The upcoming season will premiere during this fall in Fox, on Mondays.

Reports indicate that the third season of Gotham will feature Hugo Strange monsters unleashed into the city. In season 2 finale, fans witnessed that a bus containing monstrous creations escaped from the Indian Hill Facility.

They escaped in a bus that was being driven by Jada Pinkett Smith. Under the bidding of Court of Owls, these monsters were created by Hugo Strange. The Court of Owls wanted him to discover the process of resurrection and make them unleash chaos in the city.

As suggested by earlier reports, several new villains will be introduced in Gotham Season 3. This includes guys like the Mad Hatter.

He was teased during a scene where Strange read Alice in Wonderland and talked about the personalities he would like to implement on his creations. TVLine reports that another new baddie is a female making use of her sexuality to entrap men. No further details regarding this seductive villain were released.