Girl Meets World Season 3 Will See Uriah Shelton Return, Show To Feature Mature Content, Fans Urge For The Show To Shift To Freeform, And More

With the series set to show more mature and serious content, there is a general sentiment that Girl Meets World Season 3 should be shifted from Disney to Freeform or ABC, as it was previously known. The viewers feel that Disney will not let the show grow as it should because they will say that the content doesn’t comply with their guidelines.

There have been large number of fans who are trying to sign a petition to make Girl Meets World Season 3 move to a network where it will be able to naturally grow. They claimed that the spin-off from the series, Boy Meets World has been able to deal with many more pertinent issues since it isn’t showing on Disney.

There are online campaigns to make the series go through the transition so that it can also continue for a longer time since there is a lot of potential in the series that may not be harnessed if it continues on Disney. This isn’t the first time that petitioners have come out to try and shift Girl Meets World to Freeform.

It is now a matter of time to see if the producers are willing to do so. Visit the page for more news on Girl Meets World Season 3.