Girl Meets World Season 3 Will See Uriah Shelton Return, Show To Feature Mature Content, Fans Urge For The Show To Shift To Freeform, And More

Girl Meets World Season 3 is going to be interesting this season since Riley and her gang of friends will be heading to high school. The start of high school life will bring in interesting situations and they will embark on a new adventure. The one person who will play a very important role this season will be Uncle Josh.

Uncle Josh, played by Uriah Shelton might be starting his college life, but he will be helping the characters of Girl Meets World Season 3 start on with their high school life. Josh has gone through these days and he will provide some much needed advice.

Uriah Shelton had been kept out of the most part of Season 2 of Girl Meets World since he was recuperating from a terrible accident. However, now that he has recovered, he will be back for Season 3 and the showrunners are going to incorporate all the ideas that they had for him in the second season, in the upcoming one.

Michael Jacobs, the executive producer, revealed that Josh will help Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and the other characters find their footing in the new environment. High school isn’t an easy setting and it is going to be especially difficult for the gang in Girl Meets World Season 3. Jacobs added that Uncle Josh will be there to help Riley and her friends realize that everything isn’t easy in life and will be the catalyst for the growth that the characters will see.

Michael Jacobs was praise for Uriah Shelton when he spoke about him to The Wrap. He said that Shelton was a good kid. He added that he is also very brave and doesn’t shy away from challenges. They wanted to include the role of Uncle Josh to make things more complicated in Season 2, but since they couldn’t do that, they are gearing up for it in Girl Meets World Season 3.

Apart from Girl Meets World Season 3, Uriah Shelton also has Warrior’s Gate to look forward to. It is his first film and is directed by Matthias Hoene. The script is done by Robert Mark Kamen and Luc Besson and will star Shelton along with Sienna Guillory and Dave Bautista.

Josh will show them the next step forward in their life. Christian Post has reported that fans are also going to see Josh step in to solve the love triangle between Riley, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lucas (Peyton Meyer). There are reports suggesting that Lucas is going to pick one of the girls to date and will want to be friends with the other.

There is a lot of speculation about whom Lucas will pick. There are already two factions on this issue with some fans picking Lucas and Riley while the other group wants Lucas and Maya to come together. The general sentiment seems to want Riley to go with Farkle. However, Riley really loves Lucas and in such a situation Farkle doesn’t seem to have much chance.

Parent Herald has reported that with the gang moving on to high school, the focus of the story will shift to mature subjects. This comes in as a natural progression of the storyline and with the characters growing up.

Ben Savage, who is known for his role of Cory in Girl Meets World has shared via Twitter that he will be directing the ninth episode of Season 3. From the post that Savage has shared it looks like Adele might be a guest star in the episode that he will shoot.