Austin Mahone and Becky G Move On, Becky G Dating LA Galaxy Star Sebastian Lletget, Speculation About Mahone And Katya Henry Being Engaged!

Becky G had made it very clear that Austin Mahone had left her and gone ahead with Katya Henry. The two hadn’t broken up and were simply on a break to focus on their respective careers. The news of Austin Mahone and Becky G breaking up had shocked the fans. They had never felt that there were any problem between the two that would create a rift.

Now with Becky G speaking up about the issue, the fans have gotten a clear picture about what went wrong between Austin Mahone and Becky G. The two were very happy with each other and were madly in love, but then they realized that they have a career to focus on and couldn’t give up on their dreams.

That was when they spoke things out and decided to take a break for a while so that they can prioritize their career. However, the world was told that they have broken up. In fact, after the break up, things were very amicable between the two. They even resorted to harmless flirting on the social media and the fans of Austin Mahone and Becky G were excited about a reconciliation.

That was when Austin Mahone shared photos of his new girlfriend and shocked the world and poor Becky G. She said that she was devastated. It is, but natural that one will feel sad when they realize that the person they love, have left them for someone else. Becky Ghas always been very open about how happy she was with Austin Mahone and she has confessed to being completely devastated when she found out that he had moved on from her.

Austin Mahone had always been very open about his love life and he has been updating more and more photos of himself with his new girl, Katya Henry. The two have been to the Disneyland together and Austin Mahone had also rented out an entire theatre for a date night. He shared a photo of the two watching a film while holding hands, with the whole theatre to themselves.

The two have even celebrated Easter together and they look completely in love in all the photos that he has shared. With Austin Mahone away on tour and busy with recording, he hasn’t been able to be with Katya Henry for a while and they have even expressed how much they miss each other on the social media.

There are speculations that Austin Mahone and Katya Henry might be engaged to each other since the recent photo that Austin Mahone has shared, shows Katya Henry wearing what looks like an engagement band on the ring finger.

The photo was shared on April Fools’ Day so the singer might have been fooling around with his fans. It could also be that Katya loves wearing jewelry since she had other bands on her fingers.

It might be hard on Becky G, but she has decided to take it on her stride. She said that she cannot do anything about it since Austin Mahone clearly didn’t want to be with her anymore.

She has started to spend more time with her friends and has immersed herself in work, so that she doesn’t think about the break up.Becky G has since then gone on to become a new face of Empire and is going to be part of the upcoming Power Ranger film and will play the role of Yellow Ranger.

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