Persons of Interest Season 5 Will Have Only Thirteen Episodes, Focus on Root And Sameen’s Relationship, And More

Persons of Interest has been off air for a long time now and fans are itching to know what’s in store for Season 5 and when they can finally get to see it. CBS has been generous enough to inform the fans that Persons of Interest Season 5 is going to be returning to the television screens next month and have also released a synopsis.

The synopsis states that Finch and Reese will try and rescue the Machine’s source code so that they can get to it before it deteriorates. The upcoming episode will also see Root struggling with her life against Samaritan agents while Fusco will be faced with difficult choices after the death of Elias and Dominic.

The premiere episode of Season 5 of Persons of Interest has been titled B.S.O.D. Fans speculate that the title is related to the blue screen of death. The episode will pick up from exactly where the riveting finale of Season 4 ended. The episode will show Finch (Michael Emerson) and Reese (Jim Caviezel) struggling to keep The Machine alive after it was severely weakened by the powers of the Samaritan.

The fourth season ended with The Machine identifying people on the basis of their threat and danger level and they were being eliminated by the Samaritans. There is speculation that the Machine Team will try and put an end to the Decima Technologies. Finally the Machine Team and the Decima Technologies are going to stop Samaritan.

Since Persons of Interest Season 5 is going to be the final season, a lot of questions have to be cleared and a lot of loose ends have to be tied together. Root (Amy Acker) has been managing to survive against the Samaritan onslaught all this while, but with the series coming to an end, fans are worried about her fate in the end. The same goes for Fusco (Kevin Chapman).

He has managed to stay alive while Elias (Enrico Colantoni), Dominic (Winston Duke) and Grace (Carrie Preston) were killed, but he will have to explain a lot of things. However, he can be assured of one thing and that is the Brotherhood leaders aren’t going to give him any trouble.

There is going to be complete chaos since the Machine will start falsely marking people as criminals. Finch and Root will also be in trouble since The Machine will label them as threats.

The trailer for Persons of Interest Season 5 has been released and fans are excited about how much there is to notice in the two minutes. The fans are more excited to see that Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) is going to be an important character in the upcoming season. Shahi had already informed the fans about this at the New York Comic Con panel discussion and the fans are excited to see Shaw make such a great comeback.

Parent Herald has reported that Persons of Interest Season 5 will also focus on the romance between Root and Sameen. There were some hints of this in the last season, ever since Sameen was kidnapped by the Decima Technologies. While the whole team said that there was no hope for Sameen, Root never gave up on her.

The focus on the relationship of Root and Sameen has excited the fans and they are waiting to see what is going to happen between them. However, there are no information on how long the two of them are going to stay together.