Free to Play Update for PES 2016 Coming Soon, Data Pack 2 Is Live with Konami Introducing Update 1.04 and Maracana Stadium!

Players can pick their favorite stars and send them to training, using the myClub mode. At the same time, they can hire a coach to introduce some pointers and improve the club to prime-time status.

IGN reported that according to Konami, the free to play edition is only an entry level version and it will showcase an overview of the game’s stunning levels of control.

At the same time, gamers were assured that it will be attuned with all the content updates and future gameplay that will be received all throughout the season by PES 2016.

In an exciting turn of events, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 gets Data Pack 2 and Update 1.04. It comes with the famous Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. In case you are not aware, this is where Brazil lost to Uruguay during the 1950 World Cup.

There will be new international kits for Germany, Spain and Italy, introduced in the Data Pack 2.

According to the post, it comes with 51 new likenesses to the player rosters and these include Kevin de Bruyne, Fernando Torres, Jamie Vardy, Julian Draxler and Aleksander Mitrovic. The latest designs from Joma, Mizuno and Puma will be introduced in the form of 8 new boot styles as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on PES 2016!