Next Update for Super Smash Bros 4 Will Introduce Game Balance Changes and Cloud Strife, Reports Indicate a Release during Holiday Season, And More

Nintendo recently made an announcement involving Super Smash Bros 4 for Wii U and 3DS platforms. The news was regarding a character which showed up in the game instead of the ones that were predicted to be coming.

Meanwhile, the Super Smash Bros 4 gamers are really happy about the latest character to be included in the Super Smash world. In case you are not aware, this character is Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, the famous Ultima Weapon Wielding character.

Surprisingly, in the speculation and theories involving the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros, Cloud Strife was not included. The Fighter Ballot for Super Smash Bros, which took place in 3rd October, seven different characters were included in the speculations depot and they were King R.

Rool and Dixie Kong from “Donkey Kong Country,” Ridley from “Metroid,” Professor Layton from “Professor Layton, and “Isaac from “Golden Sun,” and Inkling from Splatoon.”

Meanwhile, the gamers are pretty excited with the latest addition of Cloud Strife, since he is much more popular and favored than any of the above-speculated characters.  During the new Nintendo Direct Event, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife, was finally revealed by Nintendo.

The trailer has been titled “Cloud Storms into Battle” and it features the amazing Cloud Strife and how well-equipped is he during a fight with any Super Smash Bros character.

The spiky haired mercenary/hero was shown demonstrating his strength in a trailer, during a fight versus every playable character in the Super Smash Bros list. In the clip, Cloud was also seen engaged, doing a beatdown in every character in Super Smash bros.

According to the latest reports from Nintendo, the upcoming game expansion will focus on a balanced gameplay and Cloud Strife will most likely be introduced as a new Smasher in December. According to two different events, the release date for Super Smash Bros update will take place this month.

Cloud Strife, along with the additional things that he will bring from Final Fantasy to Super Smash Bros will probably be revealed before he middle of December. This will take place if Nintendo chooses the unwrapping to take place through this month’s Nintendo Direct Edition.

The Direct broadcast for November was on 12th so we can expect it to happen around the same time this month. Nintendo could also reveal details about the upcoming expansion and Cloud Strife during The Game Awards. We have seen in the past that Nintendo releases important news updates using this event as a platform.

Therefore, according to Christian Report, they could be provided in the December 2015 Edition. Meanwhile, what can players expect from Cloud Strife.

Considering Nintendo Direct, this could probably mean a new flavor for Super Smash Bros in the form of Final Fantasy VII setting.

Depending upon the mode in effect, Cloud’s outfit will be chosen, in order to match with the epic Buster Sword. It is being widely speculated that there needs to a new stage for Super Smash Bros that is FF7-related and Midgar has been teased widely. Smashers will definitely be regaled by the new Cloud Strife moves.

More excitingly, according to Christian Report, there is a new move which has been speculated to be “the fabled Omnislash Technique”. Design and Trend reported that these events will start taking shape by Christmas this month.

Masahiro’s recent statement was cited as the source, where he said, “Cloud will be joining the fray! I’ll explain more in the special December presentation.”