Next Update for Super Smash Bros 4 Will Introduce Game Balance Changes and Cloud Strife, Reports Indicate a Release during Holiday Season, And More

Sakurai shared bits and pieces of details involving the latest upcoming game update. It has been primarily designed to bring about a balanced gameplay for all players, casual or advanced. The report suggested that this is a strategy which the team uses while tweaking Super Smash Bros.

In the meantime, the upcoming DLC for Super Smash Bros 4 will also include Chocobo costumes for the Mii fighters.

Gamers were given the first look of Cloud Strife, during a short action trailer. In this video, you can seem him doing the Odin Summon move and he is also featured battling across several Super Smash Bros arenas.

Sadly, Nintendo didn’t have to say anything regarding a release date for this character and any other changes to be introduced. The fourth wave of DLC might be released after the last Nintendo Direct session which takes place this month, as speculated by different news outlets.

Shantae – a half-genie from the “Shantae” game series developed by WayForward Technologies, is one of the top contenders who can emerge out of the results of the Fighter Ballot.

Earlier, Shovel Knight was speculated to be a top contender but the game developers at Yacht Club Games dismissed any such prediction.

In other news, Project M was predicted to bring about a similarity between Super Smash Bros Brawl and Melee but sadly, it ceased development after six years since the developers have turned their focus on a mysterious new venture.

Stay tuned for more updates on Super Smash Bros 4!