Free to Play Update for PES 2016 Coming Soon, Data Pack 2 Is Live with Konami Introducing Update 1.04 and Maracana Stadium!

Reports indicate that Pro Evolution Soccer will add Legends to its myClub game mode. Till now, we know that Roberto Baggio will be featured as a Legend. In the near future, you will notice Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA getting more close to each other in terms of gameplay features and performance.

Now Konami has announced that Legends will be added to the myClub game mode and this is essentially the Ultimate Team Mode. Roberto Baggio, the Italian Superstar has been announced as the first legend. In the latest released trailer, you can see him showing off close control and an eye for goals.

Konami will announce all the great legends this month but we don’t know how many will make an appearance in PES 2016 just yet. Furthermore, more information on this topic will be introduced from 8th December. Rest assured that the battleground for player licenses and likenesses will get pretty legendary.

Meanwhile, Abhik Sen of Business Standard asks whether you ever felt helpless when the ball rolled over the line or a goal was conceded from a miss-pass led by your team or you got outflanked by a striker.  According to him, you can easily identify this feeling if you’ve played defensive positions in soccer.

While he watched his tremendous defense being outwitted, this is exactly how helpless he felt. Furthermore, all of these emotions were felt while playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. Right now, a major discussion has been doing rounds on the internet, regarding which game is the more superior soccer simulation title, PES 2016 or FIFA?

The only problems that plague Konami are its licensing issues and you may not be able to play as your favorite club. However, it features a very fast-paced gameplay and requires some skill and guts as well. While you keep dancing your way through defenders, it is skill that lets you do it. Once you score, you will be rewarded with wild celebrations.

The Artificial Intelligence and the realism in physics of this title are pretty addictive and you will be forgiven in case you mistake it for the real deal. The players’ movements are also captured in extreme detail. Sadly, the defense AI of this game is pretty erratic in nature.

On one moment, it might get very difficult to let anything through, even during the extra time and on another moment, there might be a literal goal fest going on. In case you are on the offensive, things tend to get easier. PES 2016 is the perfect quintessential team game.

In other news, Konami will soon release a major treat for all the Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 fans worldwide. Cinema Blend reports that the game will receive a brand new free-to-play feature for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. As a result, PlayStation gamers won’t need to pay anything while enjoying this game with the new feature equipped.

According to Metro, the FTP version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be available for download, starting from 8th December. Keep in mind that this is a free version and it will be a whole lot different from the paid version.

The upcoming free version will not come with access to the full-on game.  It will however, feature an Exhibition Mode feature which comes with seven playable teams including Bayern Munich, Juventus, AS Roma, Brazil, and France.

It is also expected that there will be a full training section mode for both offline and online play and unlimited access to PES’ myClub feature. However, depending on microtransactions, the latter, will of course, be limited.