Free Game Line-Up for PlayStation Plus in October 2015, New Network Stress Test for Dark Souls III Free For Members, And More

They had a more specific target of about 5 million units but till now, they have secured the sale of 7 million units and it’s still going. Before the launch, they had more modest projections. Due to this unexpected success, Sony had to reevaluate their plans in order to support both the PlayStation Network and PS4.

Furthermore, the rapid increase in PS4 sales has further affected the release plans for first party titles like that of DriveClub. According to Yoshida, this game still sustains its momentum but the developers need time to write rewrite the server-side of the game.

They were not expecting so many people to have a PlayStation Plus membership and own a PlayStation 4 in the first place. Meanwhile, compared to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One performed a lot less admirably. The difference is mainly due to a single mistake made by Microsoft during launch and that was to bundle Kinect with this console and further make it $100 more expensive than the PS4.

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