Key Points to Understand in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor Talks about the Good Side of His Company, And More

DC finally decided to make its extended Universe and it will stretch to 2020 while Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice releases on 16th March in order to kick off the beginning of this universe.

Recently, Movie Pilot decided to speculate about the DC Universe starting with Wonder Woman all the way to the end. From Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we can understand that the synopsis, title and trailer of this movie that Batman is trying to understand a new alien in Kansas that looks like a human being and he also wants him to answer for his part in the destruction of Metropolis.

Meanwhile, while these two fighters keep battling, there is a new unstoppable threat released by Lex Luthor and they must put aside their differences and try to stop it. Most of the fans simply cannot wait for this movie to actually come out and it is sure to become one of the top three most anticipated movies of 2016.

However, people are wondering whether Suicide Squad is set after Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in the DC Universe timeline. Recently, Director Zack Snyder opened up about Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, indicating that this is more of a Batman movie while being a Superman Film as well.

The news is quite good depending on the fact that Superman had his own solo outing back in 2013 and furthermore, Batman is having his own after two years.

According to Movie Pilot, Batman, being one of the all-time favorite and popular shouldn’t become the become the kind while the other interesting characters like Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern become his peasants, especially when it comes to the production of new material.

Furthermore, the sense of time and date is exceptionally crucial since a lot of things depend on it. After the release of Suicide Squad trailer, Flash, Green Arrow and a mystical character are more like heroes before or after the events of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This is primarily because Katana, The Enchantress and Boomerang are already in prison. If the timeline is designed in this manner, it is clear that future movies like Flash are bound to be origin stories.

Meanwhile, people are also speculating about the main villain that Batman and Superman has to face in Dawn of Justice but Doomsday could end up being the main villain but Bizarro is also a probable suspect.

In the comic book history, Lex Luthor has created a lot of clones and new bodies in the comic history and there are a lot of evil Superman clones that we might see. Possible villains are Bizarro, Powergirl, Superboy, and an Adaptoid. According to, the scenes of the trailer suggest that Doomsday or Kryptonite Man could end up being the main villain.

In the meantime, Warner Bros. decided to further introduce some excitement in their viral marketing campaign for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, through an interview with Lex Luthor, Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year and CEO of LexCorp.

His description reads, “A 31-year-old wunderkind who transformed an aging petrochemical and heavy machinery dinosaur into a tech darling of the Fortune 500.”

The interview also provides details from the film’s plot as well as Luthor’s character. quoted Luthor saying, “Dad named the company after himself ten years before I made my unexpected entrance into his life… But investors seemed to respond to the idea of an adoring father building a legacy for his precious son.