Free Game Line-Up for PlayStation Plus in October 2015, New Network Stress Test for Dark Souls III Free For Members, And More

PlayStation fans enjoyed the free games from last month through PS Plus and gamers simply can’t wait to get their hands on the free games for the month of October.

Members of PlayStation Plus great enjoyed the free game ‘Grow Home’ which was released last month along with other games like “Teslagrad”, “Twisted Metal 3” and “Super Time Force Ultra”.

PlayStation Blog further reported that the free downloads for October on PlayStation Store is Broken Age on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita along with ‘Super Meat Boy’. Meanwhile, for PS3 and PS Vita, the games include ‘Kung Fu Rabbit’ and ‘KickBeat’ while “Unmechanical: Extended” is available on both PlayStation 3 and 4.

As part of the free PS Plus downloads roster, Super Meat Boy was declared earlier. In this game, you follow the story of a meat boy, who is shaped like a cube and red in color. He is on a quest to save his captured girlfriend, Bandage Girl. Meanwhile, Dr.Fetus is the main villain and he is holding Bandage Girl captive.

In the end, the Meat Boy must survive more than 300 levels in order to save his girlfriend. In Broken Age, we get to learn about the adventures of Shay Volta and Vella Tartine.

This game is created by Tim Schafer and gamers have the ability to switch between two characters and this can further help them to deal with various unexpected adventures. In Unmechanical Extended, players will have to take control over a robot which is trapped in a complex underground location.

You will need to solve puzzles while roaming about the flesh, rock and steel world. Playing this game will prove to be a test to your logic, wits, memory and moreover, puzzle-solving gamers should simply love this free download. Chariot is something of a light-hearted platform game and in case of KickBeat, you will find a similarity with Dance Dance Revolution but it comes with a martial arts twist as well.

Meanwhile, in the action-video game, Kung Fu Rabbit, there will be a Rabbit practicing Kung Fu in order to protect abducted baby rabbits. Only PlayStation Plus subscribers will get this free game download throughout the month of October.

The free PlayStation Plus games are now available for download on the PlayStation Store and there are direct download links for all the games, intended for the North American Region. In this month’s lineup, the interesting feature is that Super Meat Boy and Broken Age are both available PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 and it further supports Cross-Buy features.

Meanwhile, if you are a PS Plus members know that DriveClub PlayStation Plus edition for earlier free for the subscribers of PlayStation Plus but it has now been removed from the PlayStation Store. Sony did not take this decision abruptly but instead they made the announcement a week ago. You can check out the download links for the free games here.

In other news, PS4 owners who enjoy a subscription to PS Plus can experience the Network Stress Test for Dark Souls III by Bandai Namco, which is available for free to PS4 owners. The client can be downloaded right now from the PlayStation Store but it is not playable yet.

You should also note that this test is only available for the gamers with an active PS Plus subscription, who actually signed up last month, in order to participate.

Bandai Namco confirmed in the Tokyo Game Show that Dark Souls III will probably release in the coming April, in west. At the same time, in Japan, people will be receiving the game on 24th March.

Shuhei Yoshida, head of worldwide studios for PlayStation in Sony, admitted that the success of PlayStation 4 was quite unexpected for Sony. According to him, the number of PlayStation 4 consoles in the hand of gamers, exceeded their expectations by roughly 2 million units.