The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Review: Episode 3 With Spoilers for Episode 4, Predictions Regarding Amy and Sheldon’s Relationship, More Details

The first two episodes of Big Bang Theory Season 9 were rather dull and boring with a lot of romantic drama and an absence of good-quality jokes. Considering that this is a network sitcom that is coming to its 10-year anniversary, this is quite a curious approach.

This is because various shows more often than not, keep getting stuck in their ways rather than dramatic change in tone, from one season to the next. However, the change is here and Sheldon and Amy’s breakup will have consequential changes which will be monumental to the show, similar to what happened when Amy and Bernadette were introduced some years back.

The entire dynamic of the group has changed to a great extent but no one has been written out or introduced. Therefore, people are wondering if they can have storylines with the entire cast of seven, counting Stewart, all in one place. We may also have to wait for some reconciliation between these two characters.

The episode provided viewers with two separate storylines, one for the girls and one for the guys. It also provided a much-needed break from the anxiety. The theme of the show is bachelor/bachelorette nights and the contents have been designed completely by the guests.

A reluctant Sheldon, Raj and Howard kidnaps Leonard and takes him to a trip to Mexico but things go haywire as soon as the cross the border. They need to change a tyre and guess what; it apparently takes more than four scientists to accomplish that. For the next fifteen minutes, you’ll have to watch all of them attempt to change a tyre.

The entire situation can be termed as quite ridiculous and inconsequential but after two weeks that came with a lot of heavy stuff; this is exactly what the show needed in the first place. Meanwhile, at the ladies’ side, things appear quite pointless as Amy, Penny and Bernadette choose to spend a quiet night with penis cookies and wine.

A lot of information starts popping up with Amy admitting that she hasn’t told her mother about their breakup and Penny reveals that she hasn’t told her family about her marriage to Leonard. The situations appear quite sad and they reveal a lot about these women are and also their relationship with their families. However, they are resolved without much care and need to go on further.

Meanwhile, according to the jist for the next episode, currently called ‘The 2003 Approximation’’, Sheldon’s image could actually end up breaking down after Leonard, his longtime roommate, decides to live in with Penny.

The synopsis further details that Sheldon decides to revert back to 2003 after he learns of an upcoming change in his living arrangements. He hearkens back to the simpler times when he didn’t meet with Leonard and Penny. In the meantime, Raj and Howard form a band in order to play at the Comic Book Store.

Sheldon never admitted it but he was quite devastated when Amy decided to break up with him. However, he has been sharing this Pasadena apartment with his buddy, Leonard, for the longest possible time and the thought of living alone, terrifies him. As a result, he could return to the neurotic version of himself, back in 2003.

In the meantime, people have been asking whether this is the end between Sheldon and Amy and Steve Molaro, the series showrunner, revealed that nothing final has been decided about the duo. According to the series showrunner, he isn’t aware of what exactly is going to happen but Sheldon is clearly quite fond of Amy and they still haven’t done talking yet.

He is quite fond of her and something is definitely going to happen between the two. Meanwhile, based on the promo trailer for this episode, Howard and Raj’s original songs will be inspired by Thor and Indiana Jones so yeah, that’s as unusual as it gets. However, the managed to produce the nerdiest rock opera sound in the world and the end result seems quite interesting.