The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Review: Episode 3 With Spoilers for Episode 4, Predictions Regarding Amy and Sheldon’s Relationship, More Details

In the meantime, there are some predictions regarding Amy and Sheldon’s relationship. According to Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, there are several interesting things in store after her breakup with Sheldon.

According to reports, Amy could decide to rejoin the dating game and meet other guys. However, Amy will not be interested in any guys who are hunky and muscular and instead, Amy will possibly date guys who are more like Sheldon.

Sheldon, however, isn’t happy about the outcome of their relationship and in the upcoming episodes; Sheldon will reportedly try to win her back. Furthermore, Sheldon could grow tired of pursuing Amy and go for other women himself.

At the same time, even after having a breakup, Amy and Sheldon will continue to have adorable fights and this has been quite a common part in their storyline, no matter if they’ve been in a relationship or not.  In the end, there is a possibility that they could end up getting back together.

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